Workflows Entries Buffer


# Name Type
1 Created by Application (Created by Application) Option
2 Entry No. (Entry No.) Integer
3 Workflow Step Instance ID (Workflow Step Instance ID) GUID
4 Record ID (Record ID) RecordID
5 Initiated By User ID (Initiated By User ID) Code50
6 To Be Approved By User ID (To Be Approved By User ID) Code50
7 Date-Time Initiated (Date-Time Initiated) DateTime
8 Last Date-Time Modified (Last Date-Time Modified) DateTime
9 Last Modified By User ID (Last Modified By User ID) Code50
10 Status (Status) Option
11 Response (Response) Option
12 Amount (Amount) Integer
13 Due Date (Due Date) Date


# Fields
0 Workflow Step Instance ID (Workflow Step Instance ID) Clustered: Yes
1 Entry No. (Entry No.)

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