Workflow Response

DynamicsDocs.comWorkflow Response«Table 1521»Workflow ResponseFunction Name [PK,NN]Table IDDescriptionResponse Option GroupIndependent«Table 1502»Workflow StepID [PK]Workflow Code [PK,NN]DescriptionEntry PointPrevious Workflow Step IDNext Workflow Step IDType; [Event,Response,Sub-Workflow]Function NameArgumentSequence No.«Table 1504»Workflow Step InstanceID [PK]Workflow Code [PK]Workflow Step ID [PK]DescriptionEntry PointRecord IDCreated Date-TimeCreated By User IDLast Modified Date-TimeLast Modified By User IDStatus; [Inactive,Active,Completed,Ign...Previous Workflow Step IDNext Workflow Step IDType; [Event,Response]Function NameArgumentOriginal Workflow CodeOriginal Workflow Step IDSequence No.«Table 1509»WF Event/Response CombinationType; [Event,Response] [PK]Function Name [PK]Predecessor Type; [Event,Response] [PK...Predecessor Function Name [PK]«Table 1523»Workflow Step ArgumentID [PK]Type; [Event,Response]General Journal Template NameGeneral Journal Batch NameNotification User IDNotification User License Type; [Full...Response Function NameLink Target PageCustom LinkEvent ConditionsApprover Type; [Salesperson/Purchaser,...Approver Limit Type; [Approver Chain,D...Workflow User Group CodeDue Date FormulaMessageDelegate After; [Never,1 day,2 days,5...Show Confirmation MessageTable No.Field No.Field CaptionApprover User IDResponse Type; [Not Expected,User ID]Response User IDResponse Option Group<Function Name><Function Name><Function Name><Predecessor Function Name><Response Function Name><Previous Workflow Step ID><Next Workflow Step ID><Argument><Type><Workflow Code><Workflow Step ID><Original Workflow Code><Original Workflow Step ID><Argument>

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# Name Type
1 Function Name (Function Name) Code128 NotBlank: Yes
2 Table ID (Table ID) Integer
3 Description (Description) Text250
4 Response Option Group (Response Option Group) Code20
5 Independent (Independent) Boolean


# Fields
0 Function Name (Function Name) Clustered: Yes
1 Independent,Description (Independent,Description)

Table Relations To Other Tables

Field Related Table Related Field
Table ID (Table ID) AllObjWithCaption Object ID (Object ID) 1..n

Table Relations From Other Tables

From Table From Field
WF Event/Response Combination Predecessor Function Name (Predecessor Function Name) 1..n
Workflow Step Function Name (Function Name) 1..n
Workflow Step Argument Response Function Name (Response Function Name) 1..n
Workflow Step Instance Function Name (Function Name) 1..n