Untracked Planning Element

DynamicsDocs.comUntracked Planning Element«Table 99000855»Untracked Planning ElementWorksheet Template Name [PK]Worksheet Batch Name [PK]Worksheet Line No. [PK]Track Line No. [PK]Item No.Variant CodeLocation CodeSource TypeSource IDParameter ValueUntracked QuantityTrack Quantity FromTrack Quantity ToSourceWarning Level; [,Emergency,Exception,A...«Table 244»Req. Wksh. TemplateName [PK,NN]DescriptionPage IDRecurringPage CaptionType; [Req.,For. Labor,Planning]«Table 245»Requisition Wksh. NameWorksheet Template Name [PK,NN]Name [PK,NN]DescriptionTemplate Type; [Req.,For. Labor,Planni...Recurring«Table 246»Requisition LineWorksheet Template Name [PK]Journal Batch Name [PK]Line No. [PK]Type; [,G/L Account,Item]No.DescriptionDescription 2QuantityVendor No.Direct Unit CostDue DateRequester IDConfirmedShortcut Dimension 1 CodeShortcut Dimension 2 CodeLocation CodeRecurring Method; [,Fixed,Variable]Expiration DateRecurring FrequencyOrder DateVendor Item No.Sales Order No.Sales Order Line No.Sell-to Customer No.Ship-to CodeOrder Address CodeCurrency CodeCurrency FactorReserved QuantityDimension Set IDProd. Order No....«Table 27»ItemNo. [PK]No. 2DescriptionSearch DescriptionDescription 2Assembly BOMBase Unit of MeasurePrice Unit ConversionType; [Inventory,Service]Inventory Posting GroupShelf No.Item Disc. GroupAllow Invoice Disc.Statistics GroupCommission GroupUnit PricePrice/Profit Calculation; [Profit=Pric...Profit %Costing Method; [FIFO,LIFO,Specific,Av...Unit CostStandard CostLast Direct CostIndirect Cost %Cost is AdjustedAllow Online AdjustmentVendor No.Vendor Item No.Lead Time CalculationReorder PointMaximum InventoryReorder Quantity...«Table 5401»Item VariantCode [PK,NN]Item No. [PK,NN]DescriptionDescription 2«Table 14»LocationCode [PK,NN]NameDefault Bin CodeName 2AddressAddress 2CityPhone No.Phone No. 2Telex No.Fax No.ContactPost CodeCountyE-MailHome PageCountry/Region CodeUse As In-TransitRequire Put-awayRequire PickCross-Dock Due Date Calc.Use Cross-DockingRequire ReceiveRequire ShipmentBin MandatoryDirected Put-away and PickDefault Bin Selection; [,Fixed Bin,Las...Outbound Whse. Handling TimeInbound Whse. Handling TimePut-away Template CodeUse Put-away Worksheet...<Worksheet Template Name><Worksheet Batch Name><Worksheet Line No.><Item No.><Variant Code><Location Code><Worksheet Template Name><Worksheet Template Name><Journal Batch Name><No.><Original Item No.><Location Code><Supply From><Transfer-from Code><Variant Code><Original Variant Code><Alternative Item No.><Location Filter><Variant Filter><Item No.>

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# Name Type
1 Worksheet Template Name (Worksheet Template Name) Code10 Editable: No
2 Worksheet Batch Name (Worksheet Batch Name) Code10
3 Worksheet Line No. (Worksheet Line No.) Integer
4 Track Line No. (Track Line No.) Integer
11 Item No. (Item No.) Code20
12 Variant Code (Variant Code) Code10
13 Location Code (Location Code) Code10
21 Source Type (Source Type) Integer
23 Source ID (Source ID) Code20
70 Parameter Value (Parameter Value) Decimal BlankZero: Yes
71 Untracked Quantity (Untracked Quantity) Decimal
72 Track Quantity From (Track Quantity From) Decimal
73 Track Quantity To (Track Quantity To) Decimal
74 Source (Source) Text200
75 Warning Level (Warning Level) Option


# Fields
0 Worksheet Template Name,Worksheet Batch Name,Worksheet Line No.,Track Line No. (Worksheet Template Name,Worksheet Batch Name,Worksheet Line No.,Track Line No.) Clustered: Yes

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Item No. (Item No.) Item No. (No.) 1..n
Variant Code (Variant Code) Item Variant Code (Code) 1..n
Location Code (Location Code) Location Code (Code) 1..n
Worksheet Template Name (Worksheet Template Name) Req. Wksh. Template Name (Name) 1..n
Worksheet Line No. (Worksheet Line No.) Requisition Line Line No. (Line No.) 1..n
Worksheet Batch Name (Worksheet Batch Name) Requisition Wksh. Name Name (Name) 1..n

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