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DynamicsDocs.comSource Code Setup«Table 242»Source Code SetupPrimary Key [PK]SalesPurchasesInventory Post CostExchange Rate Adjmt.Post RecognitionPost ValueClose Income StatementConsolidationGeneral JournalSales JournalPurchase JournalCash Receipt JournalPayment JournalItem JournalResource JournalJob JournalSales Entry ApplicationPurchase Entry ApplicationVAT SettlementCompress G/LCompress VAT EntriesCompress Cust. LedgerCompress Vend. LedgerCompress Item LedgerCompress Res. LedgerCompress Job LedgerItem Reclass. JournalPhys. Inventory JournalCompress Bank Acc. LedgerCompress Check Ledger...«Table 230»Source CodeCode [PK,NN]Description<Sales><Purchases><Inventory Post Cost><Exchange Rate Adjmt.><Post Recognition><Post Value><Close Income Statement><Consolidation><General Journal><Sales Journal><Purchase Journal><Cash Receipt Journal><Payment Journal><Item Journal><Resource Journal><Job Journal><Sales Entry Application><Purchase Entry Application><VAT Settlement><Compress G/L><Compress VAT Entries><Compress Cust. Ledger><Compress Vend. Ledger><Compress Item Ledger><Compress Res. Ledger><Compress Job Ledger><Item Reclass. Journal><Phys. Inventory Journal><Compress Bank Acc. Ledger><Compress Check Ledger><Financially Voided Check><Finance Charge Memo><Reminder><Deleted Document><Adjust Add. Reporting Currency><Trans. Bank Rec. to Gen. Jnl.><IC General Journal><Unapplied Empl. Entry Appln.><Unapplied Sales Entry Appln.><Unapplied Purch. Entry Appln.><Reversal><Employee Entry Application><Payment Reconciliation Journal><Cash Flow Worksheet><Assembly><Job G/L Journal><Job G/L WIP><G/L Entry to CA><Cost Journal><Cost Allocation><Transfer Budget to Actual><Consumption Journal><Output Journal><Flushing><Capacity Journal><Production Journal><Fixed Asset Journal><Fixed Asset G/L Journal><Insurance Journal><Compress FA Ledger><Compress Maintenance Ledger><Compress Insurance Ledger><Transfer><Revaluation Journal><Adjust Cost><Service Management><Compress Item Budget><Whse. Item Journal><Whse. Phys. Invt. Journal><Whse. Reclassification Journal><Whse. Put-away><Whse. Pick><Whse. Movement><Compress Whse. Entries>

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# Name Type
1 Primary Key Code10
2 Sales Code10
3 Purchases Code10
4 Inventory Post Cost Code10
5 Exchange Rate Adjmt. Code10
6 Post Recognition Code10
7 Post Value Code10
8 Close Income Statement Code10
9 Consolidation Code10
10 General Journal Code10
11 Sales Journal Code10
12 Purchase Journal Code10
13 Cash Receipt Journal Code10
14 Payment Journal Code10
16 Item Journal Code10
19 Resource Journal Code10
20 Job Journal Code10
21 Sales Entry Application Code10
22 Purchase Entry Application Code10
23 VAT Settlement Code10
24 Compress G/L Code10
25 Compress VAT Entries Code10
26 Compress Cust. Ledger Code10
27 Compress Vend. Ledger Code10
28 Compress Item Ledger Code10
31 Compress Res. Ledger Code10
32 Compress Job Ledger Code10
33 Item Reclass. Journal Code10
34 Phys. Inventory Journal Code10
35 Compress Bank Acc. Ledger Code10
36 Compress Check Ledger Code10
37 Financially Voided Check Code10
38 Finance Charge Memo Code10
39 Reminder Code10
40 Deleted Document Code10
41 Adjust Add. Reporting Currency Code10
42 Trans. Bank Rec. to Gen. Jnl. Code10
43 IC General Journal Code10
44 Unapplied Empl. Entry Appln. Code10
45 Unapplied Sales Entry Appln. Code10
46 Unapplied Purch. Entry Appln. Code10
47 Reversal Code10
48 Employee Entry Application Code10
49 Payment Reconciliation Journal Code10
840 Cash Flow Worksheet Code10
900 Assembly Code10
1000 Job G/L Journal Code10
1001 Job G/L WIP Code10
1100 G/L Entry to CA Code10
1102 Cost Journal Code10
1104 Cost Allocation Code10
1105 Transfer Budget to Actual Code10
5400 Consumption Journal Code10
5402 Output Journal Code10
5403 Flushing Code10
5404 Capacity Journal Code10
5500 Production Journal Code10
5600 Fixed Asset Journal Code10
5601 Fixed Asset G/L Journal Code10
5602 Insurance Journal Code10
5603 Compress FA Ledger Code10
5604 Compress Maintenance Ledger Code10
5605 Compress Insurance Ledger Code10
5700 Transfer Code10
5800 Revaluation Journal Code10
5801 Adjust Cost Code10
5900 Service Management Code10
7139 Compress Item Budget Code10
7300 Whse. Item Journal Code10
7302 Whse. Phys. Invt. Journal Code10
7303 Whse. Reclassification Journal Code10
7304 Whse. Put-away Code10
7305 Whse. Pick Code10
7306 Whse. Movement Code10
7307 Compress Whse. Entries Code10


# Fields
0 Primary Key Clustered: Yes

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Compress Whse. Entries Source Code Code 1..n

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