DynamicsDocs.comScrap«Table 99000762»ScrapCode [PK,NN]Description«Table 5832»Capacity Ledger EntryEntry No. [PK]No.Posting DateType; [Work Center,Machine Center, ,Re...Document No.DescriptionOperation No.Work Center No.QuantitySetup TimeRun TimeStop TimeInvoiced QuantityOutput QuantityScrap QuantityConcurrent CapacityCap. Unit of Measure CodeQty. per Cap. Unit of MeasureGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeLast Output LineCompletely InvoicedStarting TimeEnding TimeRouting No.Routing Reference No.Item No.Variant CodeUnit of Measure CodeQty. per Unit of MeasureDocument Date...«Table 83»Item Journal LineJournal Template Name [PK]Line No. [PK]Item No.Posting DateEntry Type; [Purchase,Sale,Positive Ad...Source No.Document No.DescriptionLocation CodeInventory Posting GroupSource Posting GroupQuantityInvoiced QuantityUnit AmountUnit CostAmountDiscount AmountSalespers./Purch. CodeSource CodeApplies-to EntryItem Shpt. Entry No.Shortcut Dimension 1 CodeShortcut Dimension 2 CodeIndirect Cost %Source Type; [,Customer,Vendor,Item]Journal Batch Name [PK]Reason CodeRecurring Method; [,Fixed,Variable]Expiration DateRecurring FrequencyDrop Shipment...«Table 99000758»Machine CenterNo. [PK]NameSearch NameName 2AddressAddress 2CityPost CodeWork Center No.Direct Unit CostIndirect Cost %Unit CostQueue TimeQueue Time Unit of Meas. CodeLast Date ModifiedCommentCapacityEfficiencyMaximum EfficiencyMinimum EfficiencyBlockedDate FilterWork Shift FilterCapacity [Total]Capacity [Effective]Prod. Order Need [Qty.]Prod. Order Need AmountProd. Order Status Filter; [Simulated,...Setup TimeWait TimeMove Time...<Scrap Code><Scrap Code><Scrap Code Filter><No.><No.>

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# Name Type
1 Code (Code) Code10 NotBlank: Yes
2 Description (Description) Text50


# Fields
0 Code (Code) Clustered: Yes

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