Sales Invoice Line Aggregate

DynamicsDocs.comSales Invoice Line Aggregate«Table 5476»Sales Invoice Line AggregateLine No. [PK]Type; [,G/L Account,Item,Resource,Fixe...No.Shipment DateDescriptionDescription 2QuantityQty. to InvoiceQty. to ShipUnit PriceVAT %Line Discount %Line Discount AmountAmountAmount Including VATQuantity ShippedQuantity InvoicedInv. Discount AmountTax Group CodeVAT Prod. Posting GroupCurrency CodeVAT Base AmountLine AmountLine Discount Calculation; [None,%,Amo...Unit of Measure CodeDocument Id [PK]Tax CodeTax AmountDiscount Applied Before TaxAPI Type; [Comment,Account,Item,Resour...Item Id...«Table 321»Tax GroupCode [PK,NN]DescriptionIdLast Modified DateTime«Table 324»VAT Product Posting GroupCode [PK,NN]DescriptionIdLast Modified DateTime«Table 4»CurrencyCode [PK,NN]Last Date ModifiedLast Date AdjustedUnrealized Gains Acc.Realized Gains Acc.Unrealized Losses Acc.Realized Losses Acc.Invoice Rounding PrecisionInvoice Rounding Type; [Nearest,Up,Dow...Amount Rounding PrecisionUnit-Amount Rounding PrecisionDescriptionAmount Decimal Places [NN]Unit-Amount Decimal Places [NN]Customer FilterVendor FilterGlobal Dimension 1 FilterGlobal Dimension 2 FilterDate FilterCust. Ledg. Entries in FilterCustomer BalanceCustomer Outstanding OrdersCustomer Shipped Not InvoicedCustomer Balance DueVendor Ledg. Entries in FilterVendor BalanceVendor Outstanding OrdersVendor Amt. Rcd. Not InvoicedVendor Balance DueCustomer Balance [LCY]Vendor Balance [LCY]...«Table 5404»Item Unit of MeasureItem No. [PK,NN]Code [PK,NN]Qty. per Unit of MeasureLengthWidthHeightCubageWeight«Table 205»Resource Unit of MeasureResource No. [PK,NN]Code [PK,NN]Qty. per Unit of MeasureRelated to Base Unit of Meas.«Table 204»Unit of MeasureCode [PK,NN]DescriptionInternational Standard CodeSymbolLast Modified Date TimeId«Table 5475»Sales Invoice Entity AggregateDocument Type; [Quote,Order,Invoice,Cr...Sell-to Customer No. [NN]No. [PK]Your ReferencePosting DatePayment Terms CodeDue DateShipment Method CodeCustomer Posting GroupCurrency CodePrices Including VATSalesperson CodeOrder No.Recalculate Invoice Disc.AmountAmount Including VATVAT Registration No.Sell-to Customer NameSell-to AddressSell-to Address 2Sell-to CitySell-to ContactSell-to Post CodeSell-to CountySell-to Country/Region CodeDocument DateExternal Document No.Tax Area CodeTax LiableVAT Bus. Posting GroupInvoice Discount Calculation; [None,%,......<Tax Group Code><VAT Prod. Posting Group><Currency Code><Unit of Measure Code><Unit of Measure Code><Unit of Measure Code><Unit of Measure Id><Document Id><Currency Code><Currency Id><Code><Code>

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# Name Type
4 Line No. (Line No.) Integer
5 Type (Type) Option
6 No. (No.) Code20
10 Shipment Date (Shipment Date) Date
11 Description (Description) Text50
12 Description 2 (Description 2) Text50
15 Quantity (Quantity) Decimal (0:5)
17 Qty. to Invoice (Qty. to Invoice) Decimal (0:5)
18 Qty. to Ship (Qty. to Ship) Decimal (0:5)
22 Unit Price (Unit Price) Decimal
25 VAT % (VAT %) Decimal (0:5)
27 Line Discount % (Line Discount %) Decimal (0:5)
28 Line Discount Amount (Line Discount Amount) Decimal
29 Amount (Amount) Decimal
30 Amount Including VAT (Amount Including VAT) Decimal
60 Quantity Shipped (Quantity Shipped) Decimal (0:5) Editable: No
61 Quantity Invoiced (Quantity Invoiced) Decimal (0:5) Editable: No
69 Inv. Discount Amount (Inv. Discount Amount) Decimal Editable: No
87 Tax Group Code (Tax Group Code) Code20
90 VAT Prod. Posting Group (VAT Prod. Posting Group) Code20
91 Currency Code (Currency Code) Code10
99 VAT Base Amount (VAT Base Amount) Decimal
103 Line Amount (Line Amount) Decimal
180 Line Discount Calculation (Line Discount Calculation) Option
5407 Unit of Measure Code (Unit of Measure Code) Code10
8000 Document Id (Document Id) GUID
9020 Tax Code (Tax Code) Code50
9021 Tax Amount (Tax Amount) Decimal
9022 Discount Applied Before Tax (Discount Applied Before Tax) Boolean
9029 API Type (API Type) Option
9030 Item Id (Item Id) GUID
9031 Account Id (Account Id) GUID
9032 Unit of Measure Id (Unit of Measure Id) GUID
9039 Line Tax Amount (Line Tax Amount) Decimal
9040 Line Amount Including Tax (Line Amount Including Tax) Decimal
9041 Line Amount Excluding Tax (Line Amount Excluding Tax) Decimal
9042 Prices Including Tax (Prices Including Tax) Boolean
9043 Inv. Discount Amount Excl. VAT (Inv. Discount Amount Excl. VAT) Decimal
9044 Tax Id (Tax Id) GUID
9050 Line Discount Value (Line Discount Value) Decimal


# Fields
0 Document Id,Line No. (Document Id,Line No.) Clustered: Yes

Table Relations To Other Tables

Field Related Table Related Field
Currency Code (Currency Code) Currency Code (Code) 1..n
Unit of Measure Code (Unit of Measure Code) Item Unit of Measure Code (Code) 1..n
Unit of Measure Code (Unit of Measure Code) Resource Unit of Measure Code (Code) 1..n
Document Id (Document Id) Sales Invoice Entity Aggregate Id (Id) 1..n
Tax Group Code (Tax Group Code) Tax Group Code (Code) 1..n
Unit of Measure Id (Unit of Measure Id) Unit of Measure Id (Id) 1..n
VAT Prod. Posting Group (VAT Prod. Posting Group) VAT Product Posting Group Code (Code) 1..n

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