Record Link


# Name Type
1 Link ID (Link ID) Integer AutoIncrement: Yes
2 Record ID (Record ID) RecordID
3 URL1 (URL1) Text250
4 URL2 (URL2) Text250
5 URL3 (URL3) Text250
6 URL4 (URL4) Text250
7 Description (Description) Text250
8 Type (Type) Option
9 Note (Note) BLOB [Memo]
10 Created (Created) DateTime
11 User ID (User ID) Text132
12 Company (Company) Text30
13 Notify (Notify) Boolean
14 To User ID (To User ID) Text132


# Fields
0 Link ID (Link ID) Clustered: Yes
1 Record ID (Record ID)
2 Company (Company)

Table Relations To Other Tables

Field Related Table Related Field
Company (Company) Company Name (Name) 1..n

Table Relations From Other Tables

From Table From Field