O365 Sales Cue


# Name Type
1 Primary Key Code10
2 Overdue Sales Documents Integer FlowField
3 Customers - Blocked Integer FlowField
4 CM Date Filter Date FlowFilter
5 YTD Date Filter Date FlowFilter
6 Due Date Filter Date FlowFilter
7 Overdue Date Filter Date FlowFilter
8 User ID Filter Code50 FlowFilter
9 Non-Applied Payments Integer FlowField
10 Invoiced YTD Decimal FlowField
11 Invoiced CM Decimal FlowField
12 Sales Invoices Outstanding Decimal FlowField
13 Sales Invoices Overdue Decimal FlowField
14 No. of Quotes Integer FlowField
15 No. of Draft Invoices Integer FlowField
16 No. of Invoices YTD Integer FlowField


# Fields
0 Primary Key Clustered: Yes

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