Mini Vendor Template

DynamicsDocs.comMini Vendor Template«Table 1303»Mini Vendor TemplateKey [PK]Code [NN]Template Name [NN]CityVendor Posting GroupCurrency CodeLanguage CodePayment Terms CodeFin. Charge Terms CodeInvoice Disc. CodeCountry/Region CodePayment Method CodeApplication Method; [Manual,Apply to O...Prices Including VATGen. Bus. Posting GroupPost CodeCountyVAT Bus. Posting GroupBlock Payment ToleranceValidate EU Vat Reg. No.«Table 93»Vendor Posting GroupCode [PK,NN]Payables AccountService Charge Acc.Payment Disc. Debit Acc.Invoice Rounding AccountDebit Curr. Appln. Rndg. Acc.Credit Curr. Appln. Rndg. Acc.Debit Rounding AccountCredit Rounding AccountPayment Disc. Credit Acc.Payment Tolerance Debit Acc.Payment Tolerance Credit Acc.DescriptionUsed in VendorsUsed in Ledger Entries«Table 4»CurrencyCode [PK,NN]Last Date ModifiedLast Date AdjustedUnrealized Gains Acc.Realized Gains Acc.Unrealized Losses Acc.Realized Losses Acc.Invoice Rounding PrecisionInvoice Rounding Type; [Nearest,Up,Dow...Amount Rounding PrecisionUnit-Amount Rounding PrecisionDescriptionAmount Decimal Places [NN]Unit-Amount Decimal Places [NN]Customer FilterVendor FilterGlobal Dimension 1 FilterGlobal Dimension 2 FilterDate FilterCust. Ledg. Entries in FilterCustomer BalanceCustomer Outstanding OrdersCustomer Shipped Not InvoicedCustomer Balance DueVendor Ledg. Entries in FilterVendor BalanceVendor Outstanding OrdersVendor Amt. Rcd. Not InvoicedVendor Balance DueCustomer Balance [LCY]Vendor Balance [LCY]...«Table 8»LanguageCode [PK,NN]NameWindows Language IDWindows Language Name«Table 3»Payment TermsCode [PK,NN]Due Date CalculationDiscount Date CalculationDiscount %DescriptionCalc. Pmt. Disc. on Cr. MemosLast Modified Date TimeId«Table 5»Finance Charge TermsCode [PK,NN]Interest RateMinimum Amount [LCY]Additional Fee [LCY]DescriptionInterest Calculation Method; [Average...Interest Period [Days]Grace PeriodDue Date CalculationInterest Calculation; [Open Entries,Cl...Post InterestPost Additional FeeLine DescriptionAdd. Line Fee in Interest«Table 23»VendorNo. [PK]NameSearch NameName 2AddressAddress 2CityContactPhone No.Telex No.Our Account No.Territory CodeGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeBudgeted AmountVendor Posting GroupCurrency CodeLanguage CodeStatistics GroupPayment Terms CodeFin. Charge Terms CodePurchaser CodeShipment Method CodeShipping Agent CodeInvoice Disc. CodeCountry/Region CodeCommentBlocked; [,Payment,All]Pay-to Vendor No.PriorityPayment Method Code...«Table 9»Country/RegionCode [PK,NN]NameEU Country/Region CodeIntrastat CodeAddress Format; [Post Code+City,City+P...Contact Address Format; [First,After C...VAT SchemeLast Modified Date TimeId«Table 289»Payment MethodCode [PK,NN]DescriptionBal. Account Type; [G/L Account,Bank A...Bal. Account No.Direct DebitDirect Debit Pmt. Terms CodePmt. Export Line DefinitionBank Data Conversion Pmt. TypeUse for InvoicingLast Modified Date TimeId«Table 250»Gen. Business Posting GroupCode [PK,NN]DescriptionDef. VAT Bus. Posting GroupAuto Insert Default«Table 323»VAT Business Posting GroupCode [PK,NN]DescriptionLast Modified Date TimeId<Vendor Posting Group><Currency Code><Language Code><Payment Terms Code><Fin. Charge Terms Code><Invoice Disc. Code><Country/Region Code><Payment Method Code><Gen. Bus. Posting Group><VAT Bus. Posting Group><Vendor Posting Group><Vendor Filter><Currency Code><Currency Filter><Currency Id><Language Code><Payment Terms Code><Cash Flow Payment Terms Code><Payment Terms Id><Direct Debit Pmt. Terms Code><Fin. Charge Terms Code><Country/Region Code><Pay-to Vendor No.><Payment Method Code><Payment Method Id><Gen. Bus. Posting Group><VAT Bus. Posting Group><Def. VAT Bus. Posting Group>

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# Name Type
1 Key (Key) Integer AutoIncrement: Yes
2 Code (Code) Code10 NotBlank: Yes
3 Template Name (Template Name) Text50 NotBlank: Yes
7 City (City) Text30
21 Vendor Posting Group (Vendor Posting Group) Code20
22 Currency Code (Currency Code) Code10
24 Language Code (Language Code) Code10
27 Payment Terms Code (Payment Terms Code) Code10
28 Fin. Charge Terms Code (Fin. Charge Terms Code) Code10
33 Invoice Disc. Code (Invoice Disc. Code) Code20
35 Country/Region Code (Country/Region Code) Code10
47 Payment Method Code (Payment Method Code) Code10
80 Application Method (Application Method) Option
82 Prices Including VAT (Prices Including VAT) Boolean
88 Gen. Bus. Posting Group (Gen. Bus. Posting Group) Code20
91 Post Code (Post Code) Code20
92 County (County) Text30
110 VAT Bus. Posting Group (VAT Bus. Posting Group) Code20
116 Block Payment Tolerance (Block Payment Tolerance) Boolean
7602 Validate EU Vat Reg. No. (Validate EU Vat Reg. No.) Boolean


# Fields
0 Key (Key) Clustered: Yes

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Country/Region Code (Country/Region Code) Country/Region Code (Code) 1..n
Currency Code (Currency Code) Currency Code (Code) 1..n
Fin. Charge Terms Code (Fin. Charge Terms Code) Finance Charge Terms Code (Code) 1..n
Gen. Bus. Posting Group (Gen. Bus. Posting Group) Gen. Business Posting Group Code (Code) 1..n
Language Code (Language Code) Language Code (Code) 1..n
Payment Method Code (Payment Method Code) Payment Method Code (Code) 1..n
Payment Terms Code (Payment Terms Code) Payment Terms Code (Code) 1..n
VAT Bus. Posting Group (VAT Bus. Posting Group) VAT Business Posting Group Code (Code) 1..n
Invoice Disc. Code (Invoice Disc. Code) Vendor No. (No.) 1..n
Vendor Posting Group (Vendor Posting Group) Vendor Posting Group Code (Code) 1..n

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