Inventory Report Entry


# Name Type
1 Entry No. (Entry No.) Integer
3 No. (No.) Code20
5 Location Filter (Location Filter) Code10 FlowFilter
6 Posting Date Filter (Posting Date Filter) Date FlowFilter
8 Inventory (Inventory) Decimal
9 Inventory (Interim) (Inventory (Interim)) Decimal
10 WIP Inventory (WIP Inventory) Decimal
11 Direct Cost Applied Actual (Direct Cost Applied Actual) Decimal
12 Overhead Applied Actual (Overhead Applied Actual) Decimal
13 Purchase Variance (Purchase Variance) Decimal
14 Inventory Adjmt. (Inventory Adjmt.) Decimal
16 Invt. Accrual (Interim) (Invt. Accrual (Interim)) Decimal
17 COGS (COGS) Decimal
18 COGS (Interim) (COGS (Interim)) Decimal
19 Material Variance (Material Variance) Decimal
20 Capacity Variance (Capacity Variance) Decimal
21 Subcontracted Variance (Subcontracted Variance) Decimal
22 Capacity Overhead Variance (Capacity Overhead Variance) Decimal
23 Mfg. Overhead Variance (Mfg. Overhead Variance) Decimal
28 Total (Total) Decimal
29 G/L Total (G/L Total) Decimal
30 Difference (Difference) Decimal
31 Type (Type) Option
32 Direct Cost Applied WIP (Direct Cost Applied WIP) Decimal
33 Overhead Applied WIP (Overhead Applied WIP) Decimal
35 Inventory To WIP (Inventory To WIP) Decimal
36 WIP To Interim (WIP To Interim) Decimal
37 Direct Cost Applied (Direct Cost Applied) Decimal
38 Overhead Applied (Overhead Applied) Decimal
39 Description (Description) Text50
40 Warning (Warning) Text50
61 Cost is Posted to G/L Warning (Cost is Posted to G/L Warning) Boolean
62 Expected Cost Posting Warning (Expected Cost Posting Warning) Boolean
63 Compression Warning (Compression Warning) Boolean
64 Posting Group Warning (Posting Group Warning) Boolean
65 Direct Postings Warning (Direct Postings Warning) Boolean
66 Posting Date Warning (Posting Date Warning) Boolean
67 Closing Period Overlap Warning (Closing Period Overlap Warning) Boolean
68 Similar Accounts Warning (Similar Accounts Warning) Boolean
69 Deleted G/L Accounts Warning (Deleted G/L Accounts Warning) Boolean


# Fields
0 Type,Entry No. (Type,Entry No.) Clustered: Yes

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