Intrastat Jnl. Line

DynamicsDocs.comIntrastat Jnl. Line«Table 263»Intrastat Jnl. LineJournal Template Name [PK]Journal Batch Name [PK]Line No. [PK]Type; [Receipt,Shipment]DateTariff No. [NN]Item DescriptionCountry/Region CodeTransaction TypeTransport MethodSource Type; [,Item Entry,Job Entry]Source Entry No.Net WeightAmountQuantityCost Regulation %Indirect CostStatistical ValueDocument No.Item No.NameTotal WeightSupplementary UnitsInternal Ref. No.Country/Region of Origin CodeEntry/Exit PointAreaTransaction Specification«Table 261»Intrastat Jnl. TemplateName [PK,NN]DescriptionChecklist Report IDPage IDChecklist Report CaptionPage Caption«Table 262»Intrastat Jnl. BatchJournal Template Name [PK,NN]Name [PK,NN]DescriptionReportedStatistics PeriodAmounts in Add. CurrencyCurrency Identifier«Table 260»Tariff NumberNo. [PK,NN]DescriptionSupplementary Units«Table 9»Country/RegionCode [PK,NN]NameEU Country/Region CodeIntrastat CodeAddress Format; [Post Code+City,City+P...Contact Address Format; [First,After C...VAT SchemeLast Modified Date TimeId«Table 258»Transaction TypeCode [PK,NN]Description«Table 259»Transport MethodCode [PK,NN]Description«Table 32»Item Ledger EntryEntry No. [PK]Item No.Posting DateEntry Type; [Purchase,Sale,Positive Ad...Source No.Document No.DescriptionLocation CodeQuantityRemaining QuantityInvoiced QuantityApplies-to EntryOpenGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodePositiveSource Type; [,Customer,Vendor,Item]Drop ShipmentTransaction TypeTransport MethodCountry/Region CodeEntry/Exit PointDocument DateExternal Document No.AreaTransaction SpecificationNo. SeriesReserved QuantityDocument Type; [,Sales Shipment,Sales...Document Line No.Order Type; [,Production,Transfer,Serv......«Table 169»Job Ledger EntryEntry No. [PK]Job No.Posting DateDocument No.Type; [Resource,Item,G/L Account]No.DescriptionQuantityDirect Unit Cost [LCY]Unit Cost [LCY]Total Cost [LCY]Unit Price [LCY]Total Price [LCY]Resource Group No.Unit of Measure CodeLocation CodeJob Posting GroupGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeWork Type CodeCustomer Price GroupUser IDSource CodeAmt. to Post to G/LAmt. Posted to G/LEntry Type; [Usage,Sale]Journal Batch NameReason CodeTransaction TypeTransport MethodCountry/Region Code...«Table 27»ItemNo. [PK]No. 2DescriptionSearch DescriptionDescription 2Assembly BOMBase Unit of MeasurePrice Unit ConversionType; [Inventory,Service]Inventory Posting GroupShelf No.Item Disc. GroupAllow Invoice Disc.Statistics GroupCommission GroupUnit PricePrice/Profit Calculation; [Profit=Pric...Profit %Costing Method; [FIFO,LIFO,Specific,Av...Unit CostStandard CostLast Direct CostIndirect Cost %Cost is AdjustedAllow Online AdjustmentVendor No.Vendor Item No.Lead Time CalculationReorder PointMaximum InventoryReorder Quantity...«Table 282»Entry/Exit PointCode [PK,NN]Description«Table 284»AreaCode [PK,NN]Text«Table 285»Transaction SpecificationCode [PK,NN]Text<Journal Template Name><Journal Batch Name><Tariff No.><Country/Region Code><Country/Region of Origin Code><Transaction Type><Transport Method><Source Entry No.><Source Entry No.><Item No.><Entry/Exit Point><Area><Transaction Specification><Journal Template Name><Country/Region Code><Country/Region Purchased Code><Country/Region of Origin Code><Country/Region Code><Transaction Type><Transaction Type><Transport Method><Transport Method><Item No.><Source No.><Originally Ordered No.><Entry/Exit Point><Area><Transaction Specification><Ledger Entry No.><No.><Entry/Exit Point><Area><Transaction Specification><Alternative Item No.>

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# Name Type
1 Journal Template Name Code10
2 Journal Batch Name Code10
3 Line No. Integer
4 Type Option
5 Date Date
6 Tariff No. Code20 NotBlank: Yes
7 Item Description Text50
8 Country/Region Code Code10
9 Transaction Type Code10
10 Transport Method Code10
11 Source Type Option BlankZero: Yes
12 Source Entry No. Integer Editable: No
13 Net Weight Decimal (2:5)
14 Amount Decimal (0:0)
15 Quantity Decimal (0:0)
16 Cost Regulation % Decimal (2:2)
17 Indirect Cost Decimal (0:0)
18 Statistical Value Decimal (0:0) Editable: No
19 Document No. Code20
20 Item No. Code20
21 Name Text50
22 Total Weight Decimal (0:0) Editable: No
23 Supplementary Units Boolean Editable: No
24 Internal Ref. No. Text10 Editable: No
25 Country/Region of Origin Code Code10
26 Entry/Exit Point Code10
27 Area Code10
28 Transaction Specification Code10


# Fields
0 Journal Template Name,Journal Batch Name,Line No. Clustered: Yes
MaintainSIFTIndex: No
1 Source Type,Source Entry No.
2 Type,Country/Region Code,Tariff No.,Transaction Type,Transport Method
3 Internal Ref. No.
4 Document No.

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Area Area Code 1..n
Country/Region of Origin Code Country/Region Code 1..n
Entry/Exit Point Entry/Exit Point Code 1..n
Journal Batch Name Intrastat Jnl. Batch Name 1..n
Journal Template Name Intrastat Jnl. Template Name 1..n
Item No. Item No. 1..n
Source Entry No. Item Ledger Entry Entry No. 1..n
Source Entry No. Job Ledger Entry Entry No. 1..n
Tariff No. Tariff Number No. 1..n
Transaction Specification Transaction Specification Code 1..n
Transaction Type Transaction Type Code 1..n
Transport Method Transport Method Code 1..n

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