Interaction Template Setup

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# Name Type
1 Primary Key Code10
2 Sales Invoices Code10
3 Sales Cr. Memo Code10
4 Sales Ord. Cnfrmn. Code10
5 Sales Quotes Code10
6 Purch Invoices Code10
7 Purch Cr Memos Code10
8 Purch. Orders Code10
9 Purch. Quotes Code10
10 E-Mails Code10
11 Cover Sheets Code10
12 Outg. Calls Code10
13 Sales Blnkt. Ord Code10
14 Serv Ord Post Code10
15 Sales Shpt. Note Code10
16 Sales Statement Code10
17 Sales Rmdr. Code10
18 Serv Ord Create Code10
19 Purch Blnkt Ord Code10
20 Purch. Rcpt. Code10
21 Sales Return Order Code10
22 Sales Return Receipt Code10
23 Sales Finance Charge Memo Code10
24 Purch. Return Shipment Code10
25 Purch. Return Ord. Cnfrmn. Code10
27 Service Contract Code10
28 Service Contract Quote Code10
29 Service Quote Code10
30 Meeting Invitation Code10
35 E-Mail Draft Code10


# Fields
0 Primary Key Clustered: Yes

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Field Related Table Related Field
E-Mail Draft Interaction Template 1..n

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