Integration Table Mapping

DynamicsDocs.comIntegration Table Mapping«Table 5335»Integration Table MappingName [PK]Table IDIntegration Table IDSynch. Codeunit IDIntegration Table UID Fld. No.Int. Tbl. Modified On Fld. No.Int. Table UID Field TypeTable Config Template CodeInt. Tbl. Config Template CodeDirection; [Bidirectional,ToIntegratio...Int. Tbl. Caption PrefixSynch. Int. Tbl. Mod. On Fltr.Synch. Modified On FilterTable FilterIntegration Table FilterSynch. Only Coupled RecordsParent NameGraph Delta TokenInt. Tbl. Delta Token Fld. No.Int. Tbl. ChangeKey Fld. No.Int. Tbl. State Fld. No.Delete After SynchronizationDependency FilterFull Sync is RunningFull Sync Session IDLast Full Sync Start DateTime«Table 5336»Integration Field MappingNo. [PK]Integration Table Mapping NameField No.Integration Table Field No.Direction; [Bidirectional,ToIntegratio...Constant ValueValidate FieldValidate Integration Table FldClear Value on Failed Sync«Table 5337»Temp Integration Field MappingNo. [PK]Integration Table Mapping NameSource Field No.Destination Field No.Validate Destination FieldConstant Value«Table 5338»Integration Synch. JobID [PK]Start Date/TimeFinish Date/TimeMessageIntegration Table Mapping NameInsertedModifiedDeletedUnchangedSkippedFailedSynch. Direction; [Bidirectional,ToInt...Job Queue Log Entry No.«Table 8618»Config. Template HeaderCode [PK,NN]DescriptionTable IDTable NameTable CaptionUsed In HierarchyEnabled<Table Config Template Code><Int. Tbl. Config Template Code><Integration Table Mapping Name><Integration Table Mapping Name><Integration Table Mapping Name>

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# Name Type
1 Name (Name) Code20
2 Table ID (Table ID) Integer
3 Integration Table ID (Integration Table ID) Integer
4 Synch. Codeunit ID (Synch. Codeunit ID) Integer
5 Integration Table UID Fld. No. (Integration Table UID Fld. No.) Integer
6 Int. Tbl. Modified On Fld. No. (Int. Tbl. Modified On Fld. No.) Integer
7 Int. Table UID Field Type (Int. Table UID Field Type) Integer Editable: No
8 Table Config Template Code (Table Config Template Code) Code10
9 Int. Tbl. Config Template Code (Int. Tbl. Config Template Code) Code10
10 Direction (Direction) Option
11 Int. Tbl. Caption Prefix (Int. Tbl. Caption Prefix) Text30
12 Synch. Int. Tbl. Mod. On Fltr. (Synch. Int. Tbl. Mod. On Fltr.) DateTime
13 Synch. Modified On Filter (Synch. Modified On Filter) DateTime
14 Table Filter (Table Filter) BLOB
15 Integration Table Filter (Integration Table Filter) BLOB
16 Synch. Only Coupled Records (Synch. Only Coupled Records) Boolean
17 Parent Name (Parent Name) Code20
18 Graph Delta Token (Graph Delta Token) Text250
19 Int. Tbl. Delta Token Fld. No. (Int. Tbl. Delta Token Fld. No.) Integer
20 Int. Tbl. ChangeKey Fld. No. (Int. Tbl. ChangeKey Fld. No.) Integer
21 Int. Tbl. State Fld. No. (Int. Tbl. State Fld. No.) Integer
22 Delete After Synchronization (Delete After Synchronization) Boolean
30 Dependency Filter (Dependency Filter) Text250
100 Full Sync is Running (Full Sync is Running) Boolean
101 Full Sync Session ID (Full Sync Session ID) Integer
102 Last Full Sync Start DateTime (Last Full Sync Start DateTime) DateTime


# Fields
0 Name (Name) Clustered: Yes

Table Relations To Other Tables

Field Related Table Related Field
Int. Tbl. Config Template Code (Int. Tbl. Config Template Code) Config. Template Header Code (Code) 1..n
Synch. Codeunit ID (Synch. Codeunit ID) Table Metadata ID (ID) 1..n

Table Relations From Other Tables

From Table From Field
Integration Field Mapping Integration Table Mapping Name (Integration Table Mapping Name) 1..n
Integration Synch. Job Integration Table Mapping Name (Integration Table Mapping Name) 1..n
Temp Integration Field Mapping Integration Table Mapping Name (Integration Table Mapping Name) 1..n