Handled IC Inbox Purch. Line

DynamicsDocs.comHandled IC Inbox Purch. Line«Table 441»Handled IC Inbox Purch. LineDocument Type; [Order,Invoice,Credit M...Document No.Line No. [PK]DescriptionQuantityDirect Unit CostLine Discount %Line Discount AmountAmount Including VATJob No.Indirect Cost %Receipt No.Receipt Line No.Drop ShipmentCurrency CodeVAT Base AmountUnit CostLine AmountIC Partner Ref. Type; [,G/L Account,It...IC Partner ReferenceIC Partner Code [PK]IC Transaction No. [PK]Transaction Source; [Returned by Partn...Unit of Measure CodeRequested Receipt DatePromised Receipt DateReturn Shipment No.Return Shipment Line No.«Table 4»CurrencyCode [PK,NN]Last Date ModifiedLast Date AdjustedUnrealized Gains Acc.Realized Gains Acc.Unrealized Losses Acc.Realized Losses Acc.Invoice Rounding PrecisionInvoice Rounding Type; [Nearest,Up,Dow...Amount Rounding PrecisionUnit-Amount Rounding PrecisionDescriptionAmount Decimal Places [NN]Unit-Amount Decimal Places [NN]Customer FilterVendor FilterGlobal Dimension 1 FilterGlobal Dimension 2 FilterDate FilterCust. Ledg. Entries in FilterCustomer BalanceCustomer Outstanding OrdersCustomer Shipped Not InvoicedCustomer Balance DueVendor Ledg. Entries in FilterVendor BalanceVendor Outstanding OrdersVendor Amt. Rcd. Not InvoicedVendor Balance DueCustomer Balance [LCY]Vendor Balance [LCY]...«Table 7»Standard TextCode [PK,NN]Description«Table 410»IC G/L AccountNo. [PK,NN]NameAccount Type; [Posting,Heading,Total,B...Income/Balance; [Income Statement,Bala...BlockedMap-to G/L Acc. No.Indentation«Table 27»ItemNo. [PK]No. 2DescriptionSearch DescriptionDescription 2Assembly BOMBase Unit of MeasurePrice Unit ConversionType; [Inventory,Service]Inventory Posting GroupShelf No.Item Disc. GroupAllow Invoice Disc.Statistics GroupCommission GroupUnit PricePrice/Profit Calculation; [Profit=Pric...Profit %Costing Method; [FIFO,LIFO,Specific,Av...Unit CostStandard CostLast Direct CostIndirect Cost %Cost is AdjustedAllow Online AdjustmentVendor No.Vendor Item No.Lead Time CalculationReorder PointMaximum InventoryReorder Quantity...«Table 5800»Item ChargeNo. [PK,NN]DescriptionGen. Prod. Posting GroupTax Group CodeVAT Prod. Posting GroupSearch DescriptionGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 Code«Table 5717»Item Cross ReferenceItem No. [PK]Variant Code [PK]Unit of Measure [PK]Cross-Reference Type; [,Customer,Vendo...Cross-Reference Type No. [PK]Cross-Reference No. [PK,NN]DescriptionDiscontinue Bar Code«Table 413»IC PartnerCode [PK,NN]NameCurrency CodeInbox Type; [File Location,Database,Em...Inbox DetailsReceivables AccountPayables AccountBlockedCommentCustomer No.Vendor No.Outbound Sales Item No. Type; [Interna...Outbound Purch. Item No. Type; [Intern...Cost Distribution in LCYAuto. Accept Transactions<Currency Code><IC Partner Reference><IC Partner Reference><IC Partner Reference><IC Partner Reference><IC Partner Reference><IC Partner Code><Currency Code><Alternative Item No.><Item No.>

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# Name Type
1 Document Type Option Editable: No
3 Document No. Code20 Editable: No
4 Line No. Integer Editable: No
11 Description Text50 Editable: No
15 Quantity Decimal (0:5) Editable: No
22 Direct Unit Cost Decimal Editable: No
27 Line Discount % Decimal (0:5)
28 Line Discount Amount Decimal Editable: No
30 Amount Including VAT Decimal Editable: No
45 Job No. Code20 Editable: No
54 Indirect Cost % Decimal Editable: No
63 Receipt No. Code20 Editable: No
64 Receipt Line No. Integer Editable: No
73 Drop Shipment Boolean Editable: No
91 Currency Code Code10 Editable: No
99 VAT Base Amount Decimal Editable: No
100 Unit Cost Decimal Editable: No
103 Line Amount Decimal Editable: No
107 IC Partner Ref. Type Option Editable: No
108 IC Partner Reference Code20 Editable: No
125 IC Partner Code Code20 Editable: No
126 IC Transaction No. Integer Editable: No
127 Transaction Source Option Editable: No
5407 Unit of Measure Code Code10 Editable: No
5790 Requested Receipt Date Date Editable: No
5791 Promised Receipt Date Date Editable: No
6600 Return Shipment No. Code20 Editable: No
6601 Return Shipment Line No. Integer Editable: No


# Fields
0 IC Transaction No.,IC Partner Code,Transaction Source,Line No. Clustered: Yes

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IC Partner Reference Item No. 1..n
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IC Partner Reference Item Cross Reference Item No. 1..n
IC Partner Reference Standard Text Code 1..n

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