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DynamicsDocs.comFinance Charge Memo Header«Table 302»Finance Charge Memo HeaderNo. [PK]Customer No.NameName 2AddressAddress 2Post CodeCityCountyCountry/Region CodeLanguage CodeCurrency CodeContactYour ReferenceShortcut Dimension 1 CodeShortcut Dimension 2 CodeCustomer Posting GroupGen. Bus. Posting GroupVAT Registration No.Reason CodePosting DateDocument DateDue DateFin. Charge Terms CodePost InterestPost Additional FeePosting DescriptionCommentRemaining AmountInterest AmountAdditional Fee...«Table 303»Finance Charge Memo LineFinance Charge Memo No. [PK]Line No. [PK,NN]Attached to Line No.Type; [,G/L Account,Customer Ledger En...Entry No.Posting DateDocument DateDue DateDocument Type; [,Payment,Invoice,Credi...Document No.DescriptionOriginal AmountRemaining AmountNo.AmountInterest RateGen. Prod. Posting GroupVAT %VAT Calculation Type; [Normal VAT,Reve...VAT AmountTax Group CodeVAT Prod. Posting GroupVAT IdentifierLine Type; [Finance Charge Memo Line,B...VAT Clause CodeSystem-Created Entry«Table 306»Fin. Charge Comment LineType; [Finance Charge Memo,Issued Fina...No. [PK,NN]Line No. [PK]DateCodeComment«Table 18»CustomerNo. [PK]NameSearch NameName 2AddressAddress 2CityContactPhone No.Telex No.Document Sending ProfileOur Account No.Territory CodeGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeChain NameBudgeted AmountCredit Limit [LCY]Customer Posting GroupCurrency CodeCustomer Price GroupLanguage CodeStatistics GroupPayment Terms CodeFin. Charge Terms CodeSalesperson CodeShipment Method CodeShipping Agent CodePlace of ExportInvoice Disc. CodeCustomer Disc. Group...«Table 9»Country/RegionCode [PK,NN]NameEU Country/Region CodeIntrastat CodeAddress Format; [Post Code+City,City+P...Contact Address Format; [First,After C...VAT SchemeLast Modified Date TimeId«Table 8»LanguageCode [PK,NN]NameWindows Language IDWindows Language Name«Table 4»CurrencyCode [PK,NN]Last Date ModifiedLast Date AdjustedUnrealized Gains Acc.Realized Gains Acc.Unrealized Losses Acc.Realized Losses Acc.Invoice Rounding PrecisionInvoice Rounding Type; [Nearest,Up,Dow...Amount Rounding PrecisionUnit-Amount Rounding PrecisionDescriptionAmount Decimal Places [NN]Unit-Amount Decimal Places [NN]Customer FilterVendor FilterGlobal Dimension 1 FilterGlobal Dimension 2 FilterDate FilterCust. Ledg. Entries in FilterCustomer BalanceCustomer Outstanding OrdersCustomer Shipped Not InvoicedCustomer Balance DueVendor Ledg. Entries in FilterVendor BalanceVendor Outstanding OrdersVendor Amt. Rcd. Not InvoicedVendor Balance DueCustomer Balance [LCY]Vendor Balance [LCY]...«Table 349»Dimension ValueDimension Code [PK,NN]Code [PK,NN]NameDimension Value Type; [Standard,Headin...TotalingBlockedConsolidation CodeIndentationGlobal Dimension No.Map-to IC Dimension CodeMap-to IC Dimension Value CodeDimension Value IDIdLast Modified Date Time«Table 92»Customer Posting GroupCode [PK,NN]Receivables AccountService Charge Acc.Payment Disc. Debit Acc.Invoice Rounding AccountAdditional Fee AccountInterest AccountDebit Curr. Appln. Rndg. Acc.Credit Curr. Appln. Rndg. Acc.Debit Rounding AccountCredit Rounding AccountPayment Disc. Credit Acc.Payment Tolerance Debit Acc.Payment Tolerance Credit Acc.Add. Fee per Line AccountDescriptionUsed in CustomersUsed in Ledger Entries«Table 250»Gen. Business Posting GroupCode [PK,NN]DescriptionDef. VAT Bus. Posting GroupAuto Insert Default«Table 231»Reason CodeCode [PK,NN]DescriptionDate FilterContract Gain/Loss Amount«Table 5»Finance Charge TermsCode [PK,NN]Interest RateMinimum Amount [LCY]Additional Fee [LCY]DescriptionInterest Calculation Method; [Average...Interest Period [Days]Grace PeriodDue Date CalculationInterest Calculation; [Open Entries,Cl...Post InterestPost Additional FeeLine DescriptionAdd. Line Fee in Interest«Table 308»No. SeriesCode [PK,NN]DescriptionDefault Nos.Manual Nos.Date Order«Table 318»Tax AreaCode [PK,NN]DescriptionLast Modified Date TimeId«Table 323»VAT Business Posting GroupCode [PK,NN]DescriptionLast Modified Date TimeId«Table 480»Dimension Set EntryDimension Set ID [PK]Dimension Code [PK,NN]Dimension Value Code [NN]Dimension Value IDDimension NameDimension Value Name«Table 91»User SetupUser ID [PK,NN]Allow Posting FromAllow Posting ToRegister TimeSalespers./Purch. CodeApprover IDSales Amount Approval LimitPurchase Amount Approval LimitUnlimited Sales ApprovalUnlimited Purchase ApprovalSubstituteE-MailRequest Amount Approval LimitUnlimited Request ApprovalApproval AdministratorLicense Type; [Full User,Limited User,...Time Sheet Admin.Allow FA Posting FromAllow FA Posting ToSales Resp. Ctr. FilterPurchase Resp. Ctr. FilterService Resp. Ctr. Filter<Customer No.><Country/Region Code><Language Code><Currency Code><Shortcut Dimension 1 Code><Shortcut Dimension 2 Code><Customer Posting Group><Gen. Bus. Posting Group><Reason Code><Fin. Charge Terms Code><No. Series><Issuing No. Series><Tax Area Code><VAT Bus. Posting Group><Dimension Set ID><Assigned User ID><Finance Charge Memo No.><No.><Attached to Line No.><Global Dimension 1 Code><Global Dimension 2 Code><Global Dimension 1 Filter><Global Dimension 2 Filter><Customer Posting Group><Currency Code><Currency Filter><Currency Id><Customer Filter><Language Code><Fin. Charge Terms Code><Country/Region Code><Bill-to Customer No.><Gen. Bus. Posting Group><No. Series><Tax Area Code><VAT Bus. Posting Group><Global Dimension 1 Filter><Global Dimension 2 Filter><Dimension Value Code><Def. VAT Bus. Posting Group><Approver ID><Substitute>

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# Name Type
1 No. (No.) Code20
2 Customer No. (Customer No.) Code20
3 Name (Name) Text50
4 Name 2 (Name 2) Text50
5 Address (Address) Text50
6 Address 2 (Address 2) Text50
7 Post Code (Post Code) Code20
8 City (City) Text30
9 County (County) Text30
10 Country/Region Code (Country/Region Code) Code10
11 Language Code (Language Code) Code10
12 Currency Code (Currency Code) Code10
13 Contact (Contact) Text50
14 Your Reference (Your Reference) Text35
15 Shortcut Dimension 1 Code (Shortcut Dimension 1 Code) Code20
16 Shortcut Dimension 2 Code (Shortcut Dimension 2 Code) Code20
17 Customer Posting Group (Customer Posting Group) Code20 Editable: No
18 Gen. Bus. Posting Group (Gen. Bus. Posting Group) Code20 Editable: No
19 VAT Registration No. (VAT Registration No.) Text20
20 Reason Code (Reason Code) Code10
21 Posting Date (Posting Date) Date
22 Document Date (Document Date) Date
23 Due Date (Due Date) Date
25 Fin. Charge Terms Code (Fin. Charge Terms Code) Code10
26 Post Interest (Post Interest) Boolean
27 Post Additional Fee (Post Additional Fee) Boolean
29 Posting Description (Posting Description) Text50
30 Comment (Comment) Boolean Editable: No
31 Remaining Amount (Remaining Amount) Decimal Editable: No
32 Interest Amount (Interest Amount) Decimal Editable: No
33 Additional Fee (Additional Fee) Decimal Editable: No
34 VAT Amount (VAT Amount) Decimal Editable: No
37 No. Series (No. Series) Code20 Editable: No
38 Issuing No. Series (Issuing No. Series) Code20
39 Issuing No. (Issuing No.) Code20
41 Tax Area Code (Tax Area Code) Code20
42 Tax Liable (Tax Liable) Boolean
43 VAT Bus. Posting Group (VAT Bus. Posting Group) Code20
480 Dimension Set ID (Dimension Set ID) Integer Editable: No
9000 Assigned User ID (Assigned User ID) Code50


# Fields
0 No. (No.) Clustered: Yes
1 Customer No.,Currency Code (Customer No.,Currency Code)

Table Relations To Other Tables

Field Related Table Related Field
Country/Region Code (Country/Region Code) Country/Region Code (Code) 1..n
Currency Code (Currency Code) Currency Code (Code) 1..n
Customer No. (Customer No.) Customer No. (No.) 1..n
Customer Posting Group (Customer Posting Group) Customer Posting Group Code (Code) 1..n
Dimension Set ID (Dimension Set ID) Dimension Set Entry () 1..n
Shortcut Dimension 2 Code (Shortcut Dimension 2 Code) Dimension Value Code (Code) 1..n
Fin. Charge Terms Code (Fin. Charge Terms Code) Finance Charge Terms Code (Code) 1..n
Gen. Bus. Posting Group (Gen. Bus. Posting Group) Gen. Business Posting Group Code (Code) 1..n
Language Code (Language Code) Language Code (Code) 1..n
Issuing No. Series (Issuing No. Series) No. Series Code (Code) 1..n
Reason Code (Reason Code) Reason Code Code (Code) 1..n
Tax Area Code (Tax Area Code) Tax Area Code (Code) 1..n
Assigned User ID (Assigned User ID) User Setup User ID (User ID) 1..n
VAT Bus. Posting Group (VAT Bus. Posting Group) VAT Business Posting Group Code (Code) 1..n

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Fin. Charge Comment Line No. (No.) 1..n
Finance Charge Memo Line Finance Charge Memo No. (Finance Charge Memo No.) 1..n