FA Depreciation Book

DynamicsDocs.comFA Depreciation Book«Table 5612»FA Depreciation BookFA No. [PK,NN]Depreciation Book Code [PK,NN]Depreciation Method; [Straight-Line,De...Depreciation Starting DateStraight-Line %No. of Depreciation YearsNo. of Depreciation MonthsFixed Depr. AmountDeclining-Balance %Depreciation Table CodeFinal Rounding AmountEnding Book ValueFA Posting GroupDepreciation Ending DateAcquisition CostDepreciationBook ValueProceeds on DisposalGain/LossWrite-DownAppreciationCustom 1Custom 2Depreciable BasisSalvage ValueBook Value on DisposalMaintenanceMaintenance Code FilterFA Posting Date FilterAcquisition DateG/L Acquisition Date...«Table 5600»Fixed AssetNo. [PK]DescriptionSearch DescriptionDescription 2FA Class CodeFA Subclass CodeGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeLocation CodeFA Location CodeVendor No.Main Asset/Component; [,Main Asset,Com...Component of Main AssetBudgeted AssetWarranty DateResponsible EmployeeSerial No.Last Date ModifiedInsuredCommentBlockedPictureMaintenance Vendor No.Under MaintenanceNext Service DateInactiveFA Posting Date FilterNo. SeriesFA Posting GroupAcquiredImage...«Table 5611»Depreciation BookCode [PK,NN]DescriptionG/L Integration - Acq. CostG/L Integration - DepreciationG/L Integration - Write-DownG/L Integration - AppreciationG/L Integration - Custom 1G/L Integration - Custom 2G/L Integration - DisposalG/L Integration - MaintenanceDisposal Calculation Method; [Net,Gros...Use Custom 1 DepreciationAllow Depr. below ZeroUse FA Exch. Rate in Duplic.Part of Duplication ListLast Date ModifiedAllow IndexationUse Same FA+G/L Posting DatesDefault Exchange RateUse FA Ledger CheckUse Rounding in Periodic Depr.New Fiscal Year Starting DateNo. of Days in Fiscal YearAllow Changes in Depr. FieldsDefault Final Rounding AmountDefault Ending Book ValuePeriodic Depr. Date Calc.; [Last Entry...Mark Errors as CorrectionsAdd-Curr Exch Rate - Acq. CostAdd.-Curr. Exch. Rate - Depr.Add-Curr Exch Rate -Write-Down...«Table 5642»Depreciation Table HeaderCode [PK,NN]DescriptionPeriod Length; [Month,Period,Quarter,Y...Total No. of Units«Table 5606»FA Posting GroupCode [PK,NN]Acquisition Cost AccountAccum. Depreciation AccountWrite-Down AccountAppreciation AccountCustom 1 AccountCustom 2 AccountAcq. Cost Acc. on DisposalAccum. Depr. Acc. on DisposalWrite-Down Acc. on DisposalAppreciation Acc. on DisposalCustom 1 Account on DisposalCustom 2 Account on DisposalGains Acc. on DisposalLosses Acc. on DisposalBook Val. Acc. on Disp. [Gain]Sales Acc. on Disp. [Gain]Write-Down Bal. Acc. on Disp.Apprec. Bal. Acc. on Disp.Custom 1 Bal. Acc. on DisposalCustom 2 Bal. Acc. on DisposalMaintenance Expense AccountMaintenance Bal. Acc.Acquisition Cost Bal. Acc.Depreciation Expense Acc.Write-Down Expense Acc.Appreciation Bal. AccountCustom 1 Expense Acc.Custom 2 Expense Acc.Sales Bal. Acc.Allocated Acquisition Cost %...«Table 5626»MaintenanceCode [PK,NN]Description<FA No.><Component of Main Asset><Depreciation Book Code><Depreciation Table Code><FA Posting Group><Maintenance Code Filter><Component of Main Asset><FA Posting Group>

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# Name Type
1 FA No. (FA No.) Code20 NotBlank: Yes
2 Depreciation Book Code (Depreciation Book Code) Code10 NotBlank: Yes
3 Depreciation Method (Depreciation Method) Option
4 Depreciation Starting Date (Depreciation Starting Date) Date Editable: Yes
5 Straight-Line % (Straight-Line %) Decimal (2:8)
6 No. of Depreciation Years (No. of Depreciation Years) Decimal (2:8) BlankZero: Yes
7 No. of Depreciation Months (No. of Depreciation Months) Decimal (2:8) BlankZero: Yes
8 Fixed Depr. Amount (Fixed Depr. Amount) Decimal
9 Declining-Balance % (Declining-Balance %) Decimal (2:8)
10 Depreciation Table Code (Depreciation Table Code) Code10
11 Final Rounding Amount (Final Rounding Amount) Decimal
12 Ending Book Value (Ending Book Value) Decimal
13 FA Posting Group (FA Posting Group) Code20
14 Depreciation Ending Date (Depreciation Ending Date) Date
15 Acquisition Cost (Acquisition Cost) Decimal Editable: No
16 Depreciation (Depreciation) Decimal Editable: No
17 Book Value (Book Value) Decimal Editable: No
18 Proceeds on Disposal (Proceeds on Disposal) Decimal Editable: No
19 Gain/Loss (Gain/Loss) Decimal Editable: No
20 Write-Down (Write-Down) Decimal Editable: No
21 Appreciation (Appreciation) Decimal Editable: No
22 Custom 1 (Custom 1) Decimal Editable: No
23 Custom 2 (Custom 2) Decimal Editable: No
24 Depreciable Basis (Depreciable Basis) Decimal Editable: No
25 Salvage Value (Salvage Value) Decimal Editable: No
26 Book Value on Disposal (Book Value on Disposal) Decimal Editable: No
27 Maintenance (Maintenance) Decimal Editable: No
28 Maintenance Code Filter (Maintenance Code Filter) Code10 FlowFilter
29 FA Posting Date Filter (FA Posting Date Filter) Date FlowFilter
30 Acquisition Date (Acquisition Date) Date Editable: No
31 G/L Acquisition Date (G/L Acquisition Date) Date Editable: No
32 Disposal Date (Disposal Date) Date Editable: No
33 Last Acquisition Cost Date (Last Acquisition Cost Date) Date Editable: No
34 Last Depreciation Date (Last Depreciation Date) Date Editable: No
35 Last Write-Down Date (Last Write-Down Date) Date Editable: No
36 Last Appreciation Date (Last Appreciation Date) Date Editable: No
37 Last Custom 1 Date (Last Custom 1 Date) Date Editable: No
38 Last Custom 2 Date (Last Custom 2 Date) Date Editable: No
39 Last Salvage Value Date (Last Salvage Value Date) Date Editable: No
40 FA Exchange Rate (FA Exchange Rate) Decimal (4:4)
41 Fixed Depr. Amount below Zero (Fixed Depr. Amount below Zero) Decimal BlankZero: Yes
42 Last Date Modified (Last Date Modified) Date Editable: No
43 First User-Defined Depr. Date (First User-Defined Depr. Date) Date
44 Use FA Ledger Check (Use FA Ledger Check) Boolean
45 Last Maintenance Date (Last Maintenance Date) Date Editable: No
46 Depr. below Zero % (Depr. below Zero %) Decimal (2:8) BlankZero: Yes
47 Projected Disposal Date (Projected Disposal Date) Date
48 Projected Proceeds on Disposal (Projected Proceeds on Disposal) Decimal BlankZero: Yes
50 Depr. Starting Date (Custom 1) (Depr. Starting Date (Custom 1)) Date
51 Depr. Ending Date (Custom 1) (Depr. Ending Date (Custom 1)) Date
52 Accum. Depr. % (Custom 1) (Accum. Depr. % (Custom 1)) Decimal (2:8) BlankZero: Yes
53 Depr. This Year % (Custom 1) (Depr. This Year % (Custom 1)) Decimal (2:8) BlankZero: Yes
54 Property Class (Custom 1) (Property Class (Custom 1)) Option
55 Description (Description) Text50 Editable: No
56 Main Asset/Component (Main Asset/Component) Option Editable: No
57 Component of Main Asset (Component of Main Asset) Code20 Editable: No
58 FA Add.-Currency Factor (FA Add.-Currency Factor) Decimal (0:15)
59 Use Half-Year Convention (Use Half-Year Convention) Boolean
60 Use DB% First Fiscal Year (Use DB% First Fiscal Year) Boolean
61 Temp. Ending Date (Temp. Ending Date) Date
62 Temp. Fixed Depr. Amount (Temp. Fixed Depr. Amount) Decimal
63 Ignore Def. Ending Book Value (Ignore Def. Ending Book Value) Boolean
70 Default FA Depreciation Book (Default FA Depreciation Book) Boolean


# Fields
0 FA No.,Depreciation Book Code (FA No.,Depreciation Book Code) Clustered: Yes
1 Depreciation Book Code,FA No. (Depreciation Book Code,FA No.)
2 Depreciation Book Code,Component of Main Asset,Main Asset/Component (Depreciation Book Code,Component of Main Asset,Main Asset/Component)
3 Main Asset/Component,Depreciation Book Code (Main Asset/Component,Depreciation Book Code)

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Depreciation Book Code (Depreciation Book Code) Depreciation Book Code (Code) 1..n
Depreciation Table Code (Depreciation Table Code) Depreciation Table Header Code (Code) 1..n
FA Posting Group (FA Posting Group) FA Posting Group Code (Code) 1..n
Component of Main Asset (Component of Main Asset) Fixed Asset No. (No.) 1..n
Maintenance Code Filter (Maintenance Code Filter) Maintenance Code (Code) 1..n

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