Data Exch. Field Mapping

DynamicsDocs.comData Exch. Field Mapping«Table 1225»Data Exch. Field MappingData Exch. Def Code [PK,NN]Table ID [PK,NN]Column No. [PK,NN]Field ID [PK]OptionalUse Default ValueDefault ValueData Exch. Line Def Code [PK,NN]MultiplierTarget Table IDTarget Field IDTarget Table CaptionTarget Field CaptionTransformation RuleOverwrite Value«Table 1222»Data Exch. DefCode [PK,NN]NameType; [Bank Statement Import,Payment E...Reading/Writing XMLportHeader LinesHeader TagFooter TagColumn Separator; [,Tab,Semicolon,Comm...File Encoding; [MS-DOS,UTF-8,UTF-16,WI...File Type; [Xml,Variable Text,Fixed Te...Ext. Data Handling CodeunitReading/Writing CodeunitValidation CodeunitData Handling CodeunitUser Feedback CodeunitCustom Column Separator«Table 1224»Data Exch. MappingData Exch. Def Code [PK,NN]Table ID [PK,NN]NameMapping CodeunitData Exch. No. Field IDData Exch. Line Field IDData Exch. Line Def Code [PK,NN]Pre-Mapping CodeunitPost-Mapping CodeunitUse as Intermediate Table«Table 1223»Data Exch. Column DefData Exch. Def Code [PK,NN]Column No. [PK,NN]NameShowData Type; [Text,Date,Decimal,DateTime...Data FormatData Formatting CultureDescriptionData Exch. Line Def Code [PK,NN]LengthConstantPathNegative-Sign IdentifierText Padding RequiredPad CharacterJustification; [Right,Left]«Table 1227»Data Exch. Line DefData Exch. Def Code [PK,NN]Code [PK,NN]NameColumn CountData Line TagNamespaceParent CodeLine Type; [Detail,Header,Footer]«Table 1237»Transformation RuleCode [PK,NN]DescriptionTransformation Type; [Uppercase,Lowerc...Find ValueReplace ValueStarting TextEnding TextStart PositionLengthData FormatData Formatting CultureNext Transformation Rule<Data Exch. Def Code><Table ID><Column No.><Data Exch. Line Def Code><Transformation Rule><Data Exch. Def Code><Data Exch. Def Code><Data Exch. Def Code><Data Exch. Line Def Code><Data Exch. Line Def Code><Parent Code><Next Transformation Rule>

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# Name Type
1 Data Exch. Def Code Code20 NotBlank: Yes
2 Table ID Integer NotBlank: Yes
3 Column No. Integer NotBlank: Yes
4 Field ID Integer
5 Optional Boolean
6 Use Default Value Boolean
7 Default Value Text250
8 Data Exch. Line Def Code Code20 NotBlank: Yes
9 Multiplier Decimal
10 Target Table ID Integer
11 Target Field ID Integer
12 Target Table Caption Text250 FlowField
13 Target Field Caption Text30 FlowField
20 Transformation Rule Code20
21 Overwrite Value Boolean


# Fields
0 Data Exch. Def Code,Data Exch. Line Def Code,Table ID,Column No.,Field ID Clustered: Yes

Table Relations To Other Tables

Field Related Table Related Field
Target Table ID AllObjWithCaption Object ID 1..n
Column No. Data Exch. Column Def Column No. 1..n
Data Exch. Def Code Data Exch. Def Code 1..n
Data Exch. Line Def Code Data Exch. Line Def Code 1..n
Table ID Data Exch. Mapping Table ID 1..n
Target Field ID Field No. 1..n
Transformation Rule Transformation Rule Code 1..n

Table Relations From Other Tables

From Table From Field