Config. Package Table


# Name Type
1 Package Code Code20
2 Table ID Integer NotBlank: Yes
3 Table Name Text250 Editable: No
4 No. of Package Records Integer Editable: No
5 No. of Package Errors Integer Editable: No
7 Imported Date and Time DateTime Editable: No
8 Exported Date and Time DateTime Editable: No
9 Comments Text250
10 Created Date and Time DateTime
11 Company Filter (Source Table) Text30 FlowFilter
12 Table Caption Text250 Editable: No
13 Data Template Code10
14 Package Processing Order Integer Editable: No
15 Page ID Integer
16 Processing Order Integer
17 No. of Fields Included Integer Editable: No
18 No. of Fields Available Integer Editable: No
19 No. of Fields to Validate Integer Editable: No
20 Package Caption Text50 Editable: No
21 Imported by User ID Code50 Editable: No
22 Created by User ID Code50 Editable: No
24 Dimensions as Columns Boolean
25 Filtered Boolean Editable: No
26 Skip Table Triggers Boolean
27 Delete Recs Before Processing Boolean
28 Processing Report ID Integer
29 Parent Table ID Integer
30 Validated Boolean


# Fields
0 Package Code,Table ID Clustered: Yes
1 Package Processing Order,Processing Order

Table Relations To Other Tables

Field Related Table Related Field
Processing Report ID AllObjWithCaption Object ID 1..n
Company Filter (Source Table) Company Name 1..n
Package Code Config. Package Code 1..n
Parent Table ID Config. Package Table Table ID 1..n
Data Template Config. Template Header 1..n
Created by User ID User User Name 1..n

Table Relations From Other Tables

From Table From Field
Config. Package Table Parent Table ID 1..n