Workflow Response

DynamicsDocs.comWorkflow Response«Table 1521»Workflow ResponseFunction Name [PK,NN]Table IDDescriptionResponse Option GroupIndependent«Table 1502»Workflow StepID [PK]Workflow Code [PK,NN]DescriptionEntry PointPrevious Workflow Step IDNext Workflow Step IDType; [Event,Response,Sub-Workflow]Function NameArgumentSequence No.«Table 1504»Workflow Step InstanceID [PK]Workflow Code [PK]Workflow Step ID [PK]DescriptionEntry PointRecord IDCreated Date-TimeCreated By User IDLast Modified Date-TimeLast Modified By User IDStatus; [Inactive,Active,Completed,Ign...Previous Workflow Step IDNext Workflow Step IDType; [Event,Response]Function NameArgumentOriginal Workflow CodeOriginal Workflow Step IDSequence No.«Table 1509»WF Event/Response CombinationType; [Event,Response] [PK]Function Name [PK]Predecessor Type; [Event,Response] [PK...Predecessor Function Name [PK]«Table 1523»Workflow Step ArgumentID [PK]Type; [Event,Response]General Journal Template NameGeneral Journal Batch NameNotification User IDNotification User License Type; [Full...Response Function NameLink Target PageCustom LinkEvent ConditionsApprover Type; [Salesperson/Purchaser,...Approver Limit Type; [Approver Chain,D...Workflow User Group CodeDue Date FormulaMessageDelegate After; [Never,1 day,2 days,5...Show Confirmation MessageTable No.Field No.Field CaptionApprover User IDResponse Option Group<Function Name><Function Name><Function Name><Predecessor Function Name><Response Function Name><Previous Workflow Step ID><Next Workflow Step ID><Argument><Type><Workflow Code><Workflow Step ID><Original Workflow Code><Original Workflow Step ID><Argument>

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# Name Type
1 Function Name Code128 NotBlank: Yes
2 Table ID Integer
3 Description Text250
4 Response Option Group Code20
5 Independent Boolean


# Fields
0 Function Name Clustered: Yes
1 Independent,Description

Table Relations To Other Tables

Field Related Table Related Field
Table ID AllObjWithCaption Object ID 1..n

Table Relations From Other Tables

From Table From Field
WF Event/Response Combination Predecessor Function Name 1..n
Workflow Step Function Name 1..n
Workflow Step Argument Response Function Name 1..n
Workflow Step Instance Function Name 1..n