Service Mgt. Setup

DynamicsDocs.comService Mgt. Setup«Table 5911»Service Mgt. SetupPrimary Key [PK]Fault Reporting Level; [None,Fault,Fau...Link Service to Service ItemSalesperson MandatoryWarranty Disc. % [Parts]Warranty Disc. % [Labor]Contract Rsp. Time MandatoryService Order Starting FeeRegister Contract ChangesContract Inv. Line Text CodeContract Line Inv. Text CodeContract Inv. Period Text CodeContract Credit Line Text CodeSend First Warning ToSend Second Warning ToSend Third Warning ToFirst Warning Within [Hours]Second Warning Within [Hours]Third Warning Within [Hours]Next Service Calc. Method; [Planned,Ac...Service Order Type MandatoryService Zones Option; [Code Shown,Warn...Service Order Start MandatoryService Order Finish MandatoryResource Skills Option; [Code Shown,Wa...One Service Item Line/OrderUnit of Measure MandatoryFault Reason Code MandatoryContract Serv. Ord. Max. DaysLast Contract Service DateWork Type Code Mandatory...«Table 5905»Service CostCode [PK,NN]DescriptionAccount No.Default Unit PriceDefault QuantityUnit of Measure CodeCost Type; [Travel,Support,Other]Service Zone CodeDefault Unit Cost«Table 7»Standard TextCode [PK,NN]Description«Table 308»No. SeriesCode [PK,NN]DescriptionDefault Nos.Manual Nos.Date Order«Table 5066»Job ResponsibilityCode [PK,NN]DescriptionNo. of Contacts«Table 7600»Base CalendarCode [PK,NN]NameCustomized Changes Exist<Service Order Starting Fee><Contract Inv. Line Text Code><Contract Line Inv. Text Code><Contract Inv. Period Text Code><Contract Credit Line Text Code><Service Invoice Nos.><Contract Invoice Nos.><Service Item Nos.><Service Order Nos.><Service Contract Nos.><Contract Template Nos.><Troubleshooting Nos.><Prepaid Posting Document Nos.><Loaner Nos.><Service Quote Nos.><Posted Service Invoice Nos.><Posted Serv. Credit Memo Nos.><Posted Service Shipment Nos.><Service Credit Memo Nos.><Contract Credit Memo Nos.><Serv. Job Responsibility Code><Base Calendar Code>

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# Name Type
1 Primary Key (Primary Key) Code10
4 Fault Reporting Level (Fault Reporting Level) Option
5 Link Service to Service Item (Link Service to Service Item) Boolean
7 Salesperson Mandatory (Salesperson Mandatory) Boolean
8 Warranty Disc. % (Parts) (Warranty Disc. % (Parts)) Decimal (1:1)
9 Warranty Disc. % (Labor) (Warranty Disc. % (Labor)) Decimal (1:1)
11 Contract Rsp. Time Mandatory (Contract Rsp. Time Mandatory) Boolean
13 Service Order Starting Fee (Service Order Starting Fee) Code10
14 Register Contract Changes (Register Contract Changes) Boolean
15 Contract Inv. Line Text Code (Contract Inv. Line Text Code) Code20
16 Contract Line Inv. Text Code (Contract Line Inv. Text Code) Code20
19 Contract Inv. Period Text Code (Contract Inv. Period Text Code) Code20
20 Contract Credit Line Text Code (Contract Credit Line Text Code) Code20
23 Send First Warning To (Send First Warning To) Text80
24 Send Second Warning To (Send Second Warning To) Text80
25 Send Third Warning To (Send Third Warning To) Text80
26 First Warning Within (Hours) (First Warning Within (Hours)) Decimal (0:5)
27 Second Warning Within (Hours) (Second Warning Within (Hours)) Decimal (0:5)
28 Third Warning Within (Hours) (Third Warning Within (Hours)) Decimal (0:5)
29 Next Service Calc. Method (Next Service Calc. Method) Option
30 Service Order Type Mandatory (Service Order Type Mandatory) Boolean
31 Service Zones Option (Service Zones Option) Option
32 Service Order Start Mandatory (Service Order Start Mandatory) Boolean
33 Service Order Finish Mandatory (Service Order Finish Mandatory) Boolean
36 Resource Skills Option (Resource Skills Option) Option
37 One Service Item Line/Order (One Service Item Line/Order) Boolean
38 Unit of Measure Mandatory (Unit of Measure Mandatory) Boolean
39 Fault Reason Code Mandatory (Fault Reason Code Mandatory) Boolean
40 Contract Serv. Ord. Max. Days (Contract Serv. Ord. Max. Days) Integer
41 Last Contract Service Date (Last Contract Service Date) Date Editable: No
42 Work Type Code Mandatory (Work Type Code Mandatory) Boolean
43 Logo Position on Documents (Logo Position on Documents) Option
44 Use Contract Cancel Reason (Use Contract Cancel Reason) Boolean
45 Default Response Time (Hours) (Default Response Time (Hours)) Decimal (0:5)
52 Default Warranty Duration (Default Warranty Duration) DateFormula
54 Service Invoice Nos. (Service Invoice Nos.) Code10
55 Contract Invoice Nos. (Contract Invoice Nos.) Code10
56 Service Item Nos. (Service Item Nos.) Code10
57 Service Order Nos. (Service Order Nos.) Code10
58 Service Contract Nos. (Service Contract Nos.) Code10
59 Contract Template Nos. (Contract Template Nos.) Code10
60 Troubleshooting Nos. (Troubleshooting Nos.) Code10
61 Prepaid Posting Document Nos. (Prepaid Posting Document Nos.) Code10
62 Loaner Nos. (Loaner Nos.) Code10
63 Serv. Job Responsibility Code (Serv. Job Responsibility Code) Code10
64 Contract Value Calc. Method (Contract Value Calc. Method) Option
65 Contract Value % (Contract Value %) Decimal (0:5)
66 Service Quote Nos. (Service Quote Nos.) Code10
68 Posted Service Invoice Nos. (Posted Service Invoice Nos.) Code10
69 Posted Serv. Credit Memo Nos. (Posted Serv. Credit Memo Nos.) Code10
70 Posted Service Shipment Nos. (Posted Service Shipment Nos.) Code10
76 Shipment on Invoice (Shipment on Invoice) Boolean
81 Copy Comments Order to Invoice (Copy Comments Order to Invoice) Boolean
82 Copy Comments Order to Shpt. (Copy Comments Order to Shpt.) Boolean
85 Service Credit Memo Nos. (Service Credit Memo Nos.) Code10
950 Copy Time Sheet to Order (Copy Time Sheet to Order) Boolean
7600 Base Calendar Code (Base Calendar Code) Code10
7601 Contract Credit Memo Nos. (Contract Credit Memo Nos.) Code10


# Fields
0 Primary Key (Primary Key) Clustered: Yes

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Base Calendar Code (Base Calendar Code) Base Calendar Code (Code) 1..n
Serv. Job Responsibility Code (Serv. Job Responsibility Code) Job Responsibility Code (Code) 1..n
Contract Credit Memo Nos. (Contract Credit Memo Nos.) No. Series Code (Code) 1..n
Service Order Starting Fee (Service Order Starting Fee) Service Cost Code (Code) 1..n
Contract Credit Line Text Code (Contract Credit Line Text Code) Standard Text Code (Code) 1..n

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