Segment Line

DynamicsDocs.comSegment Line«Table 5077»Segment LineSegment No. [PK]Line No. [PK]Contact No.Campaign No.Salesperson CodeCorrespondence Type; [,Hard Copy,Email...Interaction Template CodeCost [LCY]Duration [Min.]Attachment No.Campaign ResponseContact NameInformation Flow; [,Outbound,Inbound]Initiated By; [,Us,Them]Contact Alt. Address CodeEvaluation; [,Very Positive,Positive,N...Campaign TargetContact Company NameLanguage CodeDescriptionDateTime of InteractionAttempt FailedTo-do No.Contact Company No.Campaign Entry No.Interaction Group CodeDocument Type; [,Sales Qte.,Sales Blnk...Document No.Send Word Doc. As Attmt.Contact Via...«Table 5104»Segment Interaction LanguageSegment No. [PK]Segment Line No. [PK]Language Code [PK]DescriptionAttachment No.Subject«Table 5076»Segment HeaderNo. [PK]DescriptionCampaign No.Salesperson CodeCorrespondence Type [Default]; [,Hard...Interaction Template CodeUnit Cost [LCY]Unit Duration [Min.]Attachment No.DateCampaign TargetInformation Flow; [,Outbound,Inbound]Initiated By; [,Us,Them]No. SeriesCampaign ResponseNo. of LinesCost [LCY]Duration [Min.]Language Code [Default]Interaction Group CodeNo. of Criteria ActionsSend Word Docs. as Attmt.Ignore Contact Corres. TypeSubject [Default]Campaign Description«Table 5050»ContactNo. [PK]NameSearch NameName 2AddressAddress 2CityPhone No.Telex No.Territory CodeCurrency CodeLanguage CodeSalesperson CodeCountry/Region CodeCommentLast Date ModifiedFax No.Telex Answer BackVAT Registration No.PicturePost CodeCountyE-MailHome PageNo. SeriesImageType; [Company,Person]Company No.Company NameLookup Contact No.First Name...«Table 5071»CampaignNo. [PK]DescriptionStarting DateEnding DateSalesperson CodeCommentLast Date ModifiedNo. SeriesGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeStatus CodeTarget Contacts ContactedContacts RespondedDuration [Min.]Cost [LCY]No. of OpportunitiesEstimated Value [LCY]Calcd. Current Value [LCY]Date FilterAction Taken Filter; [,Next,Previous,U...Sales Cycle FilterSales Cycle Stage FilterProbability % FilterCompleted % FilterContact FilterContact Company FilterEstimated Value FilterCalcd. Current Value FilterChances of Success % FilterTo-do Status Filter; [Not Started,In P...To-do Closed Filter...«Table 13»Salesperson/PurchaserCode [PK,NN]NameCommission %ImageGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeE-MailPhone No.Next To-do DateNo. of OpportunitiesEstimated Value [LCY]Calcd. Current Value [LCY]Date FilterNo. of InteractionsCost [LCY]Duration [Min.]Job TitleAction Taken Filter; [,Next,Previous,U...Sales Cycle FilterSales Cycle Stage FilterProbability % FilterCompleted % FilterAvg. Estimated Value [LCY]Avg.Calcd. Current Value [LCY]Contact FilterContact Company FilterCampaign FilterEstimated Value FilterCalcd. Current Value FilterChances of Success % FilterTo-do Status Filter; [Not Started,In P......«Table 5064»Interaction TemplateCode [PK,NN]Interaction Group Code [NN]DescriptionUnit Cost [LCY]Unit Duration [Min.]Information Flow; [,Outbound,Inbound]Initiated By; [,Us,Them]Attachment No.Campaign No.Campaign TargetCampaign ResponseCorrespondence Type [Default]; [,Hard...Date FilterNo. of InteractionsCost [LCY]Duration [Min.]Language Code [Default]Wizard Action; [,Open,Import,Merge]Ignore Contact Corres. Type«Table 5062»AttachmentNo. [PK,NN]Attachment FileStorage Type; [Embedded,Disk File,Exch...Storage PointerFile ExtensionRead OnlyLast Date ModifiedLast Time ModifiedMerge SourceEmail Message IDEmail Entry IDEmail Message ChecksumEmail Message Url«Table 5051»Contact Alt. AddressContact No. [PK]Code [PK,NN]Company NameCompany Name 2AddressAddress 2CityPost CodeCountyCountry/Region CodePhone No.Telex No.Extension No.Mobile Phone No.PagerE-MailHome PageFax No.Telex Answer BackLast Date ModifiedSearch E-Mail«Table 8»LanguageCode [PK,NN]NameWindows Language IDWindows Language Name«Table 5080»To-doNo. [PK]Team CodeSalesperson CodeCampaign No.Contact No.Opportunity No.Segment No.Type; [,Meeting,Phone Call]Date [NN]Status; [Not Started,In Progress,Compl...Priority; [Low,Normal,High]DescriptionClosedDate ClosedNo. SeriesCommentCanceledContact NameTeam NameSalesperson NameCampaign DescriptionContact Company No.Contact Company NameRecurringRecurring Date IntervalCalc. Due Date From; [,Due Date,Closin...Opportunity DescriptionStart TimeDurationOpportunity Entry No.Last Date Modified...«Table 5072»Campaign EntryEntry No. [PK]Campaign No.DescriptionDateUser IDSegment No.CanceledNo. of InteractionsCost [LCY]Duration [Min.]Salesperson CodeRegister No.Document Type; [,Sales Qte.,Sales Blnk...«Table 5063»Interaction GroupCode [PK,NN]DescriptionDate FilterNo. of InteractionsCost [LCY]Duration [Min.]«Table 5092»OpportunityNo. [PK]DescriptionSalesperson CodeCampaign No.Contact No.Contact Company No.Sales Cycle CodeSales Document No.Creation DateStatus; [Not Started,In Progress,Won,L...Priority; [Low,Normal,High]ClosedDate ClosedNo. SeriesCommentCurrent Sales Cycle StageEstimated Value [LCY]Probability %Calcd. Current Value [LCY]Chances of Success %Completed %Contact NameContact Company NameSalesperson NameCampaign DescriptionSegment No.Estimated Closing DateSales Document Type; [,Quote,Order,Pos...No. of InteractionsWizard Step; [,1,2,3,4,5,6]Activate First Stage...<Segment No.><Contact No.><Contact Company No.><Campaign No.><Salesperson Code><Interaction Template Code><Attachment No.><Contact Alt. Address Code><Language Code><To-do No.><Campaign Entry No.><Interaction Group Code><Opportunity No.><Segment Line No.><Segment No.><Language Code><Campaign No.><Salesperson Code><Interaction Template Code><Language Code (Default)><Interaction Group Code><Segment No.><Segment No.><Segment No.><Language Code><Salesperson Code><Salesperson Filter><Contact Filter><Contact Company Filter><Company No.><Lookup Contact No.><Campaign Filter><Contact Filter><Contact Company Filter><Contact No.><Contact No.><Contact Company No.><Contact No.><Contact Company No.><Salesperson Code><Salesperson Filter><Campaign Filter><Campaign No.><Campaign No.><Campaign No.><Campaign No.><Salesperson Code><Salesperson Code><Completed By><Salesperson Code><Interaction Group Code><Interaction Template Code><Language Code><Opportunity No.><Organizer To-do No.>

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# Name Type
1 Segment No. Code20
2 Line No. Integer
3 Contact No. Code20
4 Campaign No. Code20
5 Salesperson Code Code10
6 Correspondence Type Option
7 Interaction Template Code Code10
8 Cost (LCY) Decimal
9 Duration (Min.) Decimal (0:0)
10 Attachment No. Integer
11 Campaign Response Boolean
12 Contact Name Text50 Editable: No
13 Information Flow Option BlankZero: Yes
14 Initiated By Option BlankZero: Yes
15 Contact Alt. Address Code Code10
16 Evaluation Option
17 Campaign Target Boolean
18 Contact Company Name Text50 Editable: No
19 Language Code Code10
22 Description Text50
23 Date Date
24 Time of Interaction Time
25 Attempt Failed Boolean
26 To-do No. Code20
27 Contact Company No. Code20
28 Campaign Entry No. Integer Editable: No
29 Interaction Group Code Code10
31 Document Type Option
32 Document No. Code20
33 Send Word Doc. As Attmt. Boolean
34 Contact Via Text80
35 Version No. Integer
36 Doc. No. Occurrence Integer
37 Subject Text50
44 Opportunity No. Code20
9501 Wizard Step Option Editable: No
9502 Wizard Contact Name Text50
9503 Opportunity Description Text50
9504 Campaign Description Text50
9505 Interaction Successful Boolean
9506 Dial Contact Boolean
9507 Mail Contact Boolean


# Fields
0 Segment No.,Line No. Clustered: Yes
1 Segment No.,Campaign No.,Date
2 Contact No.,Segment No.
3 Campaign No.
4 Campaign No.,Contact Company No.,Campaign Target

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Attachment No. Attachment No. 1..n
Campaign No. Campaign No. 1..n
Campaign Entry No. Campaign Entry Entry No. 1..n
Contact Company No. Contact 1..n
Contact Alt. Address Code Contact Alt. Address Code 1..n
Interaction Group Code Interaction Group Code 1..n
Interaction Template Code Interaction Template Code 1..n
Language Code Language Code 1..n
Opportunity No. Opportunity No. 1..n
Salesperson Code Salesperson/Purchaser Code 1..n
Segment No. Segment Header No. 1..n
To-do No. To-do No. 1..n

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Segment Interaction Language Segment Line No. 1..n