Sales & Receivables Setup

DynamicsDocs.comSales & Receivables Setup«Table 311»Sales & Receivables SetupPrimary Key [PK]Discount Posting; [No Discounts,Invoic...Credit Warnings; [Both Warnings,Credit...Stockout WarningShipment on InvoiceInvoice RoundingExt. Doc. No. MandatoryCustomer Nos.Quote Nos.Order Nos.Invoice Nos.Posted Invoice Nos.Credit Memo Nos.Posted Credit Memo Nos.Posted Shipment Nos.Reminder Nos.Issued Reminder Nos.Fin. Chrg. Memo Nos.Issued Fin. Chrg. M. Nos.Posted Prepmt. Inv. Nos.Posted Prepmt. Cr. Memo Nos.Blanket Order Nos.Calc. Inv. DiscountAppln. between Currencies; [None,EMU,A...Copy Comments Blanket to OrderCopy Comments Order to InvoiceCopy Comments Order to Shpt.Allow VAT DifferenceCalc. Inv. Disc. per VAT IDLogo Position on Documents; [No Logo,L...Check Prepmt. when Posting...«Table 308»No. SeriesCode [PK,NN]DescriptionDefault Nos.Manual Nos.Date Order«Table 471»Job Queue CategoryCode [PK,NN]Description«Table 323»VAT Business Posting GroupCode [PK,NN]Description«Table 348»DimensionCode [PK,NN]NameCode CaptionFilter CaptionDescriptionBlockedConsolidation CodeMap-to IC Dimension Code«Table 15»G/L AccountNo. [PK,NN]NameSearch NameAccount Type; [Posting,Heading,Total,B...Global Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeAccount Category; [,Assets,Liabilities...Income/Balance; [Income Statement,Bala...Debit/Credit; [Both,Debit,Credit]No. 2CommentBlockedDirect PostingReconciliation AccountNew PageNo. of Blank LinesIndentationLast Date ModifiedDate FilterGlobal Dimension 1 FilterGlobal Dimension 2 FilterBalance at DateNet ChangeBudgeted AmountTotalingBudget FilterBalanceBudget at DateConsol. Translation Method; [Average R...Consol. Debit Acc.Consol. Credit Acc....<Customer Nos.><Quote Nos.><Order Nos.><Invoice Nos.><Posted Invoice Nos.><Credit Memo Nos.><Posted Credit Memo Nos.><Posted Shipment Nos.><Reminder Nos.><Issued Reminder Nos.><Fin. Chrg. Memo Nos.><Issued Fin. Chrg. M. Nos.><Posted Prepmt. Inv. Nos.><Posted Prepmt. Cr. Memo Nos.><Blanket Order Nos.><Direct Debit Mandate Nos.><Posted Return Receipt Nos.><Return Order Nos.><Job Queue Category Code><VAT Bus. Posting Gr. (Price)><Customer Group Dimension Code><Salesperson Dimension Code><Freight G/L Acc. No.><VAT Bus. Posting Group>

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# Name Type
1 Primary Key (Primary Key) Code10
2 Discount Posting (Discount Posting) Option
4 Credit Warnings (Credit Warnings) Option
5 Stockout Warning (Stockout Warning) Boolean
6 Shipment on Invoice (Shipment on Invoice) Boolean
7 Invoice Rounding (Invoice Rounding) Boolean
8 Ext. Doc. No. Mandatory (Ext. Doc. No. Mandatory) Boolean
9 Customer Nos. (Customer Nos.) Code10
10 Quote Nos. (Quote Nos.) Code10
11 Order Nos. (Order Nos.) Code10
12 Invoice Nos. (Invoice Nos.) Code10
13 Posted Invoice Nos. (Posted Invoice Nos.) Code10
14 Credit Memo Nos. (Credit Memo Nos.) Code10
15 Posted Credit Memo Nos. (Posted Credit Memo Nos.) Code10
16 Posted Shipment Nos. (Posted Shipment Nos.) Code10
17 Reminder Nos. (Reminder Nos.) Code10
18 Issued Reminder Nos. (Issued Reminder Nos.) Code10
19 Fin. Chrg. Memo Nos. (Fin. Chrg. Memo Nos.) Code10
20 Issued Fin. Chrg. M. Nos. (Issued Fin. Chrg. M. Nos.) Code10
21 Posted Prepmt. Inv. Nos. (Posted Prepmt. Inv. Nos.) Code10
22 Posted Prepmt. Cr. Memo Nos. (Posted Prepmt. Cr. Memo Nos.) Code10
23 Blanket Order Nos. (Blanket Order Nos.) Code10
24 Calc. Inv. Discount (Calc. Inv. Discount) Boolean
25 Appln. between Currencies (Appln. between Currencies) Option
26 Copy Comments Blanket to Order (Copy Comments Blanket to Order) Boolean
27 Copy Comments Order to Invoice (Copy Comments Order to Invoice) Boolean
28 Copy Comments Order to Shpt. (Copy Comments Order to Shpt.) Boolean
29 Allow VAT Difference (Allow VAT Difference) Boolean
30 Calc. Inv. Disc. per VAT ID (Calc. Inv. Disc. per VAT ID) Boolean
31 Logo Position on Documents (Logo Position on Documents) Option
32 Check Prepmt. when Posting (Check Prepmt. when Posting) Boolean
35 Default Posting Date (Default Posting Date) Option
36 Default Quantity to Ship (Default Quantity to Ship) Option
37 Archive Quotes and Orders (Archive Quotes and Orders) Boolean
38 Post with Job Queue (Post with Job Queue) Boolean
39 Job Queue Category Code (Job Queue Category Code) Code10
40 Job Queue Priority for Post (Job Queue Priority for Post) Integer
41 Post & Print with Job Queue (Post & Print with Job Queue) Boolean
42 Job Q. Prio. for Post & Print (Job Q. Prio. for Post & Print) Integer
43 Notify On Success (Notify On Success) Boolean
44 VAT Bus. Posting Gr. (Price) (VAT Bus. Posting Gr. (Price)) Code10
45 Direct Debit Mandate Nos. (Direct Debit Mandate Nos.) Code10
46 Allow Document Deletion Before (Allow Document Deletion Before) Date
50 Default Item Quantity (Default Item Quantity) Boolean
51 Create Item from Description (Create Item from Description) Boolean
5800 Posted Return Receipt Nos. (Posted Return Receipt Nos.) Code10
5801 Copy Cmts Ret.Ord. to Ret.Rcpt (Copy Cmts Ret.Ord. to Ret.Rcpt) Boolean
5802 Copy Cmts Ret.Ord. to Cr. Memo (Copy Cmts Ret.Ord. to Cr. Memo) Boolean
6600 Return Order Nos. (Return Order Nos.) Code10
6601 Return Receipt on Credit Memo (Return Receipt on Credit Memo) Boolean
6602 Exact Cost Reversing Mandatory (Exact Cost Reversing Mandatory) Boolean
7101 Customer Group Dimension Code (Customer Group Dimension Code) Code20
7102 Salesperson Dimension Code (Salesperson Dimension Code) Code20
7103 Freight G/L Acc. No. (Freight G/L Acc. No.) Code20


# Fields
0 Primary Key (Primary Key) Clustered: Yes

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Salesperson Dimension Code (Salesperson Dimension Code) Dimension Code (Code) 1..n
Freight G/L Acc. No. (Freight G/L Acc. No.) G/L Account No. (No.) 1..n
Job Queue Category Code (Job Queue Category Code) Job Queue Category Code (Code) 1..n
Return Order Nos. (Return Order Nos.) No. Series Code (Code) 1..n
VAT Bus. Posting Gr. (Price) (VAT Bus. Posting Gr. (Price)) VAT Business Posting Group Code (Code) 1..n

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