Prod. Order Rtng Qlty Meas.

DynamicsDocs.comProd. Order Rtng Qlty Meas.«Table 5413»Prod. Order Rtng Qlty Meas.Routing No. [PK,NN]Line No. [PK]Qlty Measure CodeDescriptionMin. ValueMax. ValueMean ToleranceOperation No. [PK,NN]Status; [Simulated,Planned,Firm Planne...Prod. Order No. [PK,NN]Routing Reference No. [PK]«Table 99000763»Routing HeaderNo. [PK]DescriptionDescription 2Search DescriptionLast Date ModifiedCommentStatus; [New,Certified,Under Developme...Type; [Serial,Parallel]Version Nos.No. Series«Table 99000785»Quality MeasureCode [PK,NN]Description«Table 5409»Prod. Order Routing LineRouting No. [PK]Routing Reference No. [PK]Operation No. [PK,NN]Next Operation No.Previous Operation No.Type; [Work Center,Machine Center]No.Work Center No.Work Center Group CodeDescriptionSetup TimeRun TimeWait TimeMove TimeFixed Scrap QuantityLot SizeScrap Factor %Setup Time Unit of Meas. CodeRun Time Unit of Meas. CodeWait Time Unit of Meas. CodeMove Time Unit of Meas. CodeMinimum Process TimeMaximum Process TimeConcurrent CapacitiesSend-Ahead QuantityRouting Link CodeStandard Task CodeUnit Cost perRecalculateSequence No. [Forward]Sequence No. [Backward]...«Table 5405»Production OrderStatus; [Simulated,Planned,Firm Planne...No. [PK]DescriptionSearch DescriptionDescription 2Creation DateLast Date ModifiedSource Type; [Item,Family,Sales Header...Source No.Routing No.Inventory Posting GroupGen. Prod. Posting GroupGen. Bus. Posting GroupCommentStarting TimeStarting DateEnding TimeEnding DateDue DateFinished DateBlockedShortcut Dimension 1 CodeShortcut Dimension 2 CodeLocation CodeBin CodeReplan Ref. No.Replan Ref. Status; [Simulated,Planned...Low-Level CodeQuantityUnit CostCost Amount...<Routing No.><Qlty Measure Code><Operation No.><Prod. Order No.><Routing No.><Routing No.><Prod. Order No.>

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# Name Type
1 Routing No. (Routing No.) Code20 NotBlank: Yes
2 Line No. (Line No.) Integer
9 Qlty Measure Code (Qlty Measure Code) Code10
10 Description (Description) Text50
11 Min. Value (Min. Value) Decimal (0:5)
12 Max. Value (Max. Value) Decimal (0:5)
13 Mean Tolerance (Mean Tolerance) Decimal (0:5)
21 Operation No. (Operation No.) Code10 NotBlank: Yes
22 Status (Status) Option
23 Prod. Order No. (Prod. Order No.) Code20 NotBlank: Yes
24 Routing Reference No. (Routing Reference No.) Integer


# Fields
0 Status,Prod. Order No.,Routing Reference No.,Routing No.,Operation No.,Line No. (Status,Prod. Order No.,Routing Reference No.,Routing No.,Operation No.,Line No.) Clustered: Yes

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Prod. Order No. (Prod. Order No.) Production Order No. (No.) 1..n
Qlty Measure Code (Qlty Measure Code) Quality Measure Code (Code) 1..n
Routing No. (Routing No.) Routing Header No. (No.) 1..n

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