Prod. Order Capacity Need

DynamicsDocs.comProd. Order Capacity Need«Table 5410»Prod. Order Capacity NeedStatus; [Simulated,Planned,Firm Planne...Prod. Order No. [PK]Routing No. [PK]Line No. [PK]Operation No. [PK]Type; [Work Center,Machine Center]No.Work Center No.Work Center Group CodeRouting Reference No. [PK]DateStarting TimeEnding TimeAllocated TimeSend-Ahead Type; [,Input,Output,Both]Time Type; [Setup,Run]Needed TimeNeeded Time [ms]Lot SizeConcurrent CapacitiesEfficiencyStarting Date-TimeEnding Date-TimeWorksheet Template NameWorksheet Batch NameWorksheet Line No.ActiveRequested Only [PK]«Table 99000763»Routing HeaderNo. [PK]DescriptionDescription 2Search DescriptionLast Date ModifiedCommentStatus; [New,Certified,Under Developme...Type; [Serial,Parallel]Version Nos.No. Series«Table 99000754»Work CenterNo. [PK]NameSearch NameName 2AddressAddress 2CityPost CodeAlternate Work CenterWork Center Group CodeGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeSubcontractor No.Direct Unit CostIndirect Cost %Unit CostQueue TimeQueue Time Unit of Meas. CodeLast Date ModifiedCommentUnit of Measure CodeCapacityEfficiencyMaximum EfficiencyMinimum EfficiencyCalendar Rounding Precision [NN]Simulation Type; [Moves,Moves When Nec...Shop Calendar CodeBlockedDate FilterWork Shift Filter...«Table 99000758»Machine CenterNo. [PK]NameSearch NameName 2AddressAddress 2CityPost CodeWork Center No.Direct Unit CostIndirect Cost %Unit CostQueue TimeQueue Time Unit of Meas. CodeLast Date ModifiedCommentCapacityEfficiencyMaximum EfficiencyMinimum EfficiencyBlockedDate FilterWork Shift FilterCapacity [Total]Capacity [Effective]Prod. Order Need [Qty.]Prod. Order Need AmountProd. Order Status Filter; [Simulated,...Setup TimeWait TimeMove Time...«Table 99000756»Work Center GroupCode [PK,NN]NameDate FilterWork Shift FilterCapacity [Total]Capacity [Effective]Prod. Order Need [Qty.]Prod. Order Status Filter; [Simulated,...«Table 244»Req. Wksh. TemplateName [PK,NN]DescriptionPage IDRecurringPage CaptionType; [Req.,For. Labor,Planning]«Table 245»Requisition Wksh. NameWorksheet Template Name [PK,NN]Name [PK,NN]DescriptionTemplate Type; [Req.,For. Labor,Planni...Recurring«Table 246»Requisition LineWorksheet Template Name [PK]Journal Batch Name [PK]Line No. [PK]Type; [,G/L Account,Item]No.DescriptionDescription 2QuantityVendor No.Direct Unit CostDue DateRequester IDConfirmedShortcut Dimension 1 CodeShortcut Dimension 2 CodeLocation CodeRecurring Method; [,Fixed,Variable]Expiration DateRecurring FrequencyOrder DateVendor Item No.Sales Order No.Sales Order Line No.Sell-to Customer No.Ship-to CodeOrder Address CodeCurrency CodeCurrency FactorReserved QuantityDimension Set IDProd. Order No....<Routing No.><No.><Work Center No.><No.><Work Center Group Code><Worksheet Template Name><Worksheet Batch Name><Worksheet Line No.><Routing No.><Alternate Work Center><Work Center Group Code><Work Center No.><Work Center No.><Worksheet Template Name><Worksheet Template Name><Journal Batch Name>

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# Name Type
1 Status Option
2 Prod. Order No. Code20
3 Routing No. Code20
4 Line No. Integer
5 Operation No. Code10
6 Type Option
7 No. Code20
8 Work Center No. Code20 Editable: No
9 Work Center Group Code Code10 Editable: No
10 Routing Reference No. Integer
11 Date Date
12 Starting Time Time
13 Ending Time Time
14 Allocated Time Decimal (0:5)
16 Send-Ahead Type Option
17 Time Type Option
18 Needed Time Decimal (0:5)
19 Needed Time (ms) Decimal Editable: No
21 Lot Size Decimal (1:1)
22 Concurrent Capacities Decimal (0:5)
23 Efficiency Decimal (0:5)
26 Starting Date-Time DateTime Editable: No
27 Ending Date-Time DateTime Editable: No
31 Worksheet Template Name Code10
32 Worksheet Batch Name Code10
33 Worksheet Line No. Integer
41 Active Boolean Editable: No
42 Requested Only Boolean


# Fields
0 Status,Prod. Order No.,Requested Only,Routing No.,Routing Reference No.,Operation No.,Line No. Clustered: Yes
MaintainSIFTIndex: No
1 Prod. Order No.,Routing No.,Routing Reference No.,Operation No.,Status,Line No.,Requested Only
2 Status,Prod. Order No.,Active,Requested Only,Routing No.
3 Work Center No.,Date,Active,Starting Date-Time MaintainSIFTIndex: No
4 Work Center Group Code,Date,Starting Date-Time MaintainSIFTIndex: No
5 Type,No.,Date,Active MaintainSIFTIndex: No
6 Type,No.,Starting Date-Time,Ending Date-Time,Active
7 Type,No.,Ending Date-Time,Starting Date-Time,Active
8 Worksheet Template Name,Worksheet Batch Name,Worksheet Line No.,Operation No. MaintainSIFTIndex: No
9 Status,Prod. Order No.,Routing Reference No.,Operation No.,Date,Starting Time
10 Worksheet Template Name,Worksheet Batch Name,Worksheet Line No.,Operation No.,Date,Starting Time MaintainSQLIndex: No
11 Worksheet Line No.,Operation No.

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No. Machine Center No. 1..n
Worksheet Template Name Req. Wksh. Template Name 1..n
Worksheet Line No. Requisition Line Line No. 1..n
Worksheet Batch Name Requisition Wksh. Name Name 1..n
Routing No. Routing Header No. 1..n
Work Center No. Work Center No. 1..n
Work Center Group Code Work Center Group Code 1..n

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