Nonstock Item

DynamicsDocs.comNonstock Item«Table 5718»Nonstock ItemEntry No. [PK]Manufacturer CodeVendor No.Vendor Item No.DescriptionUnit of MeasurePublished CostNegotiated CostUnit PriceGross WeightNet WeightItem Template CodeProduct Group CodeLast Date ModifiedBar CodeItem No.CommentNo. Series«Table 5715»Item SubstitutionNo. [PK,NN]Variant Code [PK]Substitute No. [PK,NN]Substitute Variant Code [PK]DescriptionInventoryInterchangeableConditionLocation FilterType; [Item,Nonstock Item] [PK]Substitute Type; [Item,Nonstock Item]...Sub. Item No.Relations LevelQuantity Avail. on Shpt. DateShipment Date«Table 5720»ManufacturerCode [PK]Name«Table 23»VendorNo. [PK]NameSearch NameName 2AddressAddress 2CityContactPhone No.Telex No.Our Account No.Territory CodeGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeBudgeted AmountVendor Posting GroupCurrency CodeLanguage CodeStatistics GroupPayment Terms CodeFin. Charge Terms CodePurchaser CodeShipment Method CodeShipping Agent CodeInvoice Disc. CodeCountry/Region CodeCommentBlocked; [,Payment,All]Pay-to Vendor No.PriorityPayment Method Code...«Table 204»Unit of MeasureCode [PK,NN]DescriptionInternational Standard Code«Table 8618»Config. Template HeaderCode [PK,NN]DescriptionTable IDTable NameTable CaptionUsed In HierarchyEnabledInstance No. Series«Table 27»ItemNo. [PK]No. 2DescriptionSearch DescriptionDescription 2Assembly BOMBase Unit of MeasurePrice Unit ConversionType; [Inventory,Service]Inventory Posting GroupShelf No.Item Disc. GroupAllow Invoice Disc.Statistics GroupCommission GroupUnit PricePrice/Profit Calculation; [Profit=Pric...Profit %Costing Method; [FIFO,LIFO,Specific,Av...Unit CostStandard CostLast Direct CostIndirect Cost %Cost is AdjustedAllow Online AdjustmentVendor No.Vendor Item No.Lead Time CalculationReorder PointMaximum InventoryReorder Quantity...«Table 308»No. SeriesCode [PK,NN]DescriptionDefault Nos.Manual Nos.Date Order<Manufacturer Code><Vendor No.><Unit of Measure><Item Template Code><Item No.><No. Series><No.><Substitute No.><No.><Substitute No.><Manufacturer Code><Pay-to Vendor No.><No. Series><Vendor No.><Sales Unit of Measure><Purch. Unit of Measure><Put-away Unit of Measure Code><Instance No. Series><Alternative Item No.><No. Series><Serial Nos.><Lot Nos.>

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# Name Type
1 Entry No. (Entry No.) Code20 Editable: Yes
2 Manufacturer Code (Manufacturer Code) Code10
3 Vendor No. (Vendor No.) Code20
4 Vendor Item No. (Vendor Item No.) Code20
5 Description (Description) Text50 Editable: Yes
6 Unit of Measure (Unit of Measure) Code10
7 Published Cost (Published Cost) Decimal
8 Negotiated Cost (Negotiated Cost) Decimal
9 Unit Price (Unit Price) Decimal
10 Gross Weight (Gross Weight) Decimal (0:5)
11 Net Weight (Net Weight) Decimal (0:5)
12 Item Template Code (Item Template Code) Code10
13 Product Group Code (Product Group Code) Code10
14 Last Date Modified (Last Date Modified) Date Editable: No
15 Bar Code (Bar Code) Code20
16 Item No. (Item No.) Code20 Editable: No
53 Comment (Comment) Boolean Editable: No
97 No. Series (No. Series) Code10 Editable: No


# Fields
0 Entry No. (Entry No.) Clustered: Yes
1 Vendor Item No.,Manufacturer Code (Vendor Item No.,Manufacturer Code)
2 Item No. (Item No.)
3 Vendor No.,Vendor Item No. (Vendor No.,Vendor Item No.)

Table Relations To Other Tables

Field Related Table Related Field
Item Template Code (Item Template Code) Config. Template Header Code (Code) 1..n
Item No. (Item No.) Item No. (No.) 1..n
Manufacturer Code (Manufacturer Code) Manufacturer Code (Code) 1..n
No. Series (No. Series) No. Series Code (Code) 1..n
Unit of Measure (Unit of Measure) Unit of Measure Code (Code) 1..n
Vendor No. (Vendor No.) Vendor No. (No.) 1..n

Table Relations From Other Tables

From Table From Field
Item Substitution Substitute No. (Substitute No.) 1..n