Manufacturing Setup

DynamicsDocs.comManufacturing Setup«Table 99000765»Manufacturing SetupPrimary Key [PK]Normal Starting TimeNormal Ending TimeDoc. No. Is Prod. Order No.Cost Incl. SetupDynamic Low-Level CodePlanning WarningSimulated Order Nos.Planned Order Nos.Firm Planned Order Nos.Released Order Nos.Work Center Nos.Machine Center Nos.Production BOM Nos.Routing Nos.Current Production ForecastUse Forecast on LocationsCombined MPS/MRP CalculationComponents at LocationDefault Dampener PeriodDefault Dampener %Default Safety Lead TimeBlank Overflow Level; [Allow Default C...Show Capacity InPreset Output Quantity; [Expected Quan...«Table 308»No. SeriesCode [PK,NN]DescriptionDefault Nos.Manual Nos.Date Order«Table 99000851»Production Forecast NameName [PK,NN]Description«Table 14»LocationCode [PK,NN]NameDefault Bin CodeName 2AddressAddress 2CityPhone No.Phone No. 2Telex No.Fax No.ContactPost CodeCountyE-MailHome PageCountry/Region CodeUse As In-TransitRequire Put-awayRequire PickCross-Dock Due Date Calc.Use Cross-DockingRequire ReceiveRequire ShipmentBin MandatoryDirected Put-away and PickDefault Bin Selection; [,Fixed Bin,Las...Outbound Whse. Handling TimeInbound Whse. Handling TimePut-away Template CodeUse Put-away Worksheet...«Table 99000780»Capacity Unit of MeasureCode [PK,NN]DescriptionType; [,100/Hour,Minutes,Hours,Days]<Simulated Order Nos.><Planned Order Nos.><Firm Planned Order Nos.><Released Order Nos.><Work Center Nos.><Machine Center Nos.><Production BOM Nos.><Routing Nos.><Current Production Forecast><Components at Location><Show Capacity In>

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# Name Type
1 Primary Key (Primary Key) Code10 Editable: No
7 Normal Starting Time (Normal Starting Time) Time
8 Normal Ending Time (Normal Ending Time) Time
9 Doc. No. Is Prod. Order No. (Doc. No. Is Prod. Order No.) Boolean
11 Cost Incl. Setup (Cost Incl. Setup) Boolean
12 Dynamic Low-Level Code (Dynamic Low-Level Code) Boolean
18 Planning Warning (Planning Warning) Boolean
20 Simulated Order Nos. (Simulated Order Nos.) Code10
21 Planned Order Nos. (Planned Order Nos.) Code10
22 Firm Planned Order Nos. (Firm Planned Order Nos.) Code10
23 Released Order Nos. (Released Order Nos.) Code10
29 Work Center Nos. (Work Center Nos.) Code10
30 Machine Center Nos. (Machine Center Nos.) Code10
31 Production BOM Nos. (Production BOM Nos.) Code10
32 Routing Nos. (Routing Nos.) Code10
35 Current Production Forecast (Current Production Forecast) Code10
37 Use Forecast on Locations (Use Forecast on Locations) Boolean
38 Combined MPS/MRP Calculation (Combined MPS/MRP Calculation) Boolean
39 Components at Location (Components at Location) Code10
40 Default Dampener Period (Default Dampener Period) DateFormula
41 Default Dampener % (Default Dampener %) Decimal (1:1)
42 Default Safety Lead Time (Default Safety Lead Time) DateFormula
43 Blank Overflow Level (Blank Overflow Level) Option
50 Show Capacity In (Show Capacity In) Code10
5500 Preset Output Quantity (Preset Output Quantity) Option


# Fields
0 Primary Key (Primary Key) Clustered: Yes

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Show Capacity In (Show Capacity In) Capacity Unit of Measure Code (Code) 1..n
Components at Location (Components at Location) Location () 1..n
Routing Nos. (Routing Nos.) No. Series Code (Code) 1..n
Current Production Forecast (Current Production Forecast) Production Forecast Name Name (Name) 1..n

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