Job WIP G/L Entry

DynamicsDocs.comJob WIP G/L Entry«Table 1005»Job WIP G/L EntryEntry No. [PK]Job No.Document No.G/L Account No.Posting DateWIP Entry AmountJob Posting GroupType; [Applied Costs,Applied Sales,Rec...G/L Bal. Account No.WIP Method UsedWIP Posting Method Used; [Per Job,Per...WIP Posting DateDescriptionG/L Entry No.ReversedReverseWIP Transaction No.Reverse DateJob CompleteJob WIP Total Entry No.Global Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeDimension Set ID«Table 167»JobNo. [PK]Search DescriptionDescriptionDescription 2Bill-to Customer No.Creation DateStarting DateEnding DateStatus; [Planning,Quote,Open,Completed...Person ResponsibleGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeJob Posting GroupBlocked; [,Posting,All]Last Date ModifiedCommentCustomer Disc. GroupCustomer Price GroupLanguage CodeScheduled Res. Qty.Resource FilterPosting Date FilterResource Gr. FilterScheduled Res. Gr. Qty.PictureBill-to NameBill-to AddressBill-to Address 2Bill-to CityBill-to CountyBill-to Post Code...«Table 15»G/L AccountNo. [PK,NN]NameSearch NameAccount Type; [Posting,Heading,Total,B...Global Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeAccount Category; [,Assets,Liabilities...Income/Balance; [Income Statement,Bala...Debit/Credit; [Both,Debit,Credit]No. 2CommentBlockedDirect PostingReconciliation AccountNew PageNo. of Blank LinesIndentationLast Date ModifiedDate FilterGlobal Dimension 1 FilterGlobal Dimension 2 FilterBalance at DateNet ChangeBudgeted AmountTotalingBudget FilterBalanceBudget at DateConsol. Translation Method; [Average R...Consol. Debit Acc.Consol. Credit Acc....«Table 208»Job Posting GroupCode [PK,NN]WIP Costs AccountWIP Accrued Costs AccountJob Costs Applied AccountJob Costs Adjustment AccountG/L Expense Acc. [Contract]Job Sales Adjustment AccountWIP Accrued Sales AccountWIP Invoiced Sales AccountJob Sales Applied AccountRecognized Costs AccountRecognized Sales AccountItem Costs Applied AccountResource Costs Applied AccountG/L Costs Applied Account«Table 1006»Job WIP MethodCode [PK,NN]DescriptionWIP CostWIP SalesRecognized Costs; [At Completion,Cost...Recognized Sales; [At Completion,Contr...ValidSystem DefinedSystem-Defined Index«Table 17»G/L EntryEntry No. [PK]G/L Account No.Posting DateDocument Type; [,Payment,Invoice,Credi...Document No.DescriptionBal. Account No.AmountGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeUser IDSource CodeSystem-Created EntryPrior-Year EntryJob No.QuantityVAT AmountBusiness Unit CodeJournal Batch NameReason CodeGen. Posting Type; [,Purchase,Sale,Set...Gen. Bus. Posting GroupGen. Prod. Posting GroupBal. Account Type; [G/L Account,Custom...Transaction No.Debit AmountCredit AmountDocument DateExternal Document No.Source Type; [,Customer,Vendor,Bank Ac...Source No....«Table 1021»Job WIP TotalEntry No. [PK]Job No. [NN]Job Task No. [NN]WIP MethodWIP Posting DateWIP Posting Date FilterWIP Planning Date FilterWIP WarningsPosted to G/LSchedule [Total Cost]Schedule [Total Price]Usage [Total Cost]Usage [Total Price]Contract [Total Cost]Contract [Total Price]Contract [Invoiced Price]Contract [Invoiced Cost]Calc. Recog. Sales AmountCalc. Recog. Costs AmountCost Completion %Invoiced %«Table 349»Dimension ValueDimension Code [PK,NN]Code [PK,NN]NameDimension Value Type; [Standard,Headin...TotalingBlockedConsolidation CodeIndentationGlobal Dimension No.Map-to IC Dimension CodeMap-to IC Dimension Value CodeDimension Value ID«Table 480»Dimension Set EntryDimension Set ID [PK]Dimension Code [PK,NN]Dimension Value Code [NN]Dimension Value IDDimension NameDimension Value Name<Job No.><G/L Account No.><G/L Bal. Account No.><Job Posting Group><WIP Method Used><G/L Entry No.><Job WIP Total Entry No.><Global Dimension 1 Code><Global Dimension 2 Code><Dimension Set ID><Global Dimension 1 Code><Global Dimension 2 Code><Job Posting Group><WIP Method><Job No.><Job No.><Global Dimension 1 Code><Global Dimension 2 Code><Global Dimension 1 Filter><Global Dimension 2 Filter><G/L Account No.><Bal. Account No.><WIP Costs Account><WIP Accrued Costs Account><Job Costs Applied Account><Job Costs Adjustment Account><G/L Expense Acc. (Contract)><Job Sales Adjustment Account><WIP Accrued Sales Account><WIP Invoiced Sales Account><Job Sales Applied Account><Recognized Costs Account><Recognized Sales Account><Item Costs Applied Account><Resource Costs Applied Account><G/L Costs Applied Account><WIP Method><Global Dimension 1 Code><Global Dimension 2 Code><Reversed by Entry No.><Reversed Entry No.><Dimension Set ID><Dimension Value Code>

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# Name Type
1 Entry No. (Entry No.) Integer
2 Job No. (Job No.) Code20
3 Document No. (Document No.) Code20
4 G/L Account No. (G/L Account No.) Code20
5 Posting Date (Posting Date) Date
6 WIP Entry Amount (WIP Entry Amount) Decimal
7 Job Posting Group (Job Posting Group) Code10
8 Type (Type) Option
9 G/L Bal. Account No. (G/L Bal. Account No.) Code20
10 WIP Method Used (WIP Method Used) Code20 Editable: No
11 WIP Posting Method Used (WIP Posting Method Used) Option
12 WIP Posting Date (WIP Posting Date) Date
13 Description (Description) Text50
14 G/L Entry No. (G/L Entry No.) Integer BlankZero: Yes
15 Reversed (Reversed) Boolean
16 Reverse (Reverse) Boolean
17 WIP Transaction No. (WIP Transaction No.) Integer
18 Reverse Date (Reverse Date) Date
19 Job Complete (Job Complete) Boolean
20 Job WIP Total Entry No. (Job WIP Total Entry No.) Integer
60 Global Dimension 1 Code (Global Dimension 1 Code) Code20
61 Global Dimension 2 Code (Global Dimension 2 Code) Code20
480 Dimension Set ID (Dimension Set ID) Integer Editable: No


# Fields
0 Entry No. (Entry No.) Clustered: Yes
1 Job No.,Reversed,Job Complete,Type (Job No.,Reversed,Job Complete,Type)
2 Job No.,Reverse,Job Complete,Type (Job No.,Reverse,Job Complete,Type)
3 Document No.,Posting Date (Document No.,Posting Date)
4 WIP Transaction No. (WIP Transaction No.)

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Dimension Set ID (Dimension Set ID) Dimension Set Entry () 1..n
Global Dimension 2 Code (Global Dimension 2 Code) Dimension Value Code (Code) 1..n
G/L Bal. Account No. (G/L Bal. Account No.) G/L Account No. (No.) 1..n
G/L Entry No. (G/L Entry No.) G/L Entry Entry No. (Entry No.) 1..n
Job No. (Job No.) Job No. (No.) 1..n
Job Posting Group (Job Posting Group) Job Posting Group Code (Code) 1..n
WIP Method Used (WIP Method Used) Job WIP Method Code (Code) 1..n
Job WIP Total Entry No. (Job WIP Total Entry No.) Job WIP Total Entry No. (Entry No.) 1..n

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