Job WIP Buffer

DynamicsDocs.comJob WIP Buffer«Table 1018»Job WIP BufferPosting Group [PK]Type; [Applied Costs,Applied Sales,Rec...WIP Entry AmountG/L Account No. [PK]Bal. G/L Account No.WIP MethodJob No. [PK,NN]Job CompleteJob WIP Total Entry No. [PK]Reverse [PK]WIP Posting Method Used; [Per Job,Per...Dim Combination ID [PK]«Table 15»G/L AccountNo. [PK,NN]NameSearch NameAccount Type; [Posting,Heading,Total,B...Global Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeAccount Category; [,Assets,Liabilities...Income/Balance; [Income Statement,Bala...Debit/Credit; [Both,Debit,Credit]No. 2CommentBlockedDirect PostingReconciliation AccountNew PageNo. of Blank LinesIndentationLast Date ModifiedDate FilterGlobal Dimension 1 FilterGlobal Dimension 2 FilterBalance at DateNet ChangeBudgeted AmountTotalingBudget FilterBalanceBudget at DateConsol. Translation Method; [Average R...Consol. Debit Acc.Consol. Credit Acc....«Table 167»JobNo. [PK]Search DescriptionDescriptionDescription 2Bill-to Customer No.Creation DateStarting DateEnding DateStatus; [Planning,Quote,Open,Completed...Person ResponsibleGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeJob Posting GroupBlocked; [,Posting,All]Last Date ModifiedCommentCustomer Disc. GroupCustomer Price GroupLanguage CodeScheduled Res. Qty.Resource FilterPosting Date FilterResource Gr. FilterScheduled Res. Gr. Qty.PictureBill-to NameBill-to AddressBill-to Address 2Bill-to CityBill-to CountyBill-to Post Code...«Table 1021»Job WIP TotalEntry No. [PK]Job No. [NN]Job Task No. [NN]WIP MethodWIP Posting DateWIP Posting Date FilterWIP Planning Date FilterWIP WarningsPosted to G/LSchedule [Total Cost]Schedule [Total Price]Usage [Total Cost]Usage [Total Price]Contract [Total Cost]Contract [Total Price]Contract [Invoiced Price]Contract [Invoiced Cost]Calc. Recog. Sales AmountCalc. Recog. Costs AmountCost Completion %Invoiced %<G/L Account No.><Bal. G/L Account No.><Job No.><Job WIP Total Entry No.><Job No.>

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# Name Type
1 Posting Group Code10
2 Type Option
3 WIP Entry Amount Decimal
4 G/L Account No. Code20
5 Bal. G/L Account No. Code20
6 WIP Method Code20 Editable: No
7 Job No. Code20 NotBlank: Yes
Editable: No
8 Job Complete Boolean
9 Job WIP Total Entry No. Integer
22 Reverse Boolean
23 WIP Posting Method Used Option
71 Dim Combination ID Integer


# Fields
0 Job No.,Job WIP Total Entry No.,Type,Posting Group,Dim Combination ID,Reverse,G/L Account No. Clustered: Yes

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