Job Responsibility

DynamicsDocs.comJob Responsibility«Table 5066»Job ResponsibilityCode [PK,NN]DescriptionNo. of Contacts«Table 5067»Contact Job ResponsibilityContact No. [PK,NN]Job Responsibility Code [PK,NN]Job Responsibility DescriptionContact NameContact Company Name«Table 5096»Segment Wizard FilterSegment No. [PK]Functionality; [Add Contacts,Remove Co...Mailing Group Code FilterIndustry Group Code FilterSalesperson Code FilterCountry/Region Code FilterTerritory Code FilterPost Code FilterBusiness Relation Code FilterProfile Questn. Code FilterProfile Questn. Line FilterJob Responsibility Code FilterProfile Questionnaire CodeAdd Additional CriteriaWizard Step; [,1,2,3,4,5,6]«Table 5911»Service Mgt. SetupPrimary Key [PK]Fault Reporting Level; [None,Fault,Fau...Link Service to Service ItemSalesperson MandatoryWarranty Disc. % [Parts]Warranty Disc. % [Labor]Contract Rsp. Time MandatoryService Order Starting FeeRegister Contract ChangesContract Inv. Line Text CodeContract Line Inv. Text CodeContract Inv. Period Text CodeContract Credit Line Text CodeSend First Warning ToSend Second Warning ToSend Third Warning ToFirst Warning Within [Hours]Second Warning Within [Hours]Third Warning Within [Hours]Next Service Calc. Method; [Planned,Ac...Service Order Type MandatoryService Zones Option; [Code Shown,Warn...Service Order Start MandatoryService Order Finish MandatoryResource Skills Option; [Code Shown,Wa...One Service Item Line/OrderUnit of Measure MandatoryFault Reason Code MandatoryContract Serv. Ord. Max. DaysLast Contract Service DateWork Type Code Mandatory...<Job Responsibility Code><Job Responsibility Code Filter><Serv. Job Responsibility Code>

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# Name Type
1 Code (Code) Code10 NotBlank: Yes
2 Description (Description) Text50
3 No. of Contacts (No. of Contacts) Integer Editable: No


# Fields
0 Code (Code) Clustered: Yes

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Contact Job Responsibility Job Responsibility Code (Job Responsibility Code) 1..n
Segment Wizard Filter Job Responsibility Code Filter (Job Responsibility Code Filter) 1..n
Service Mgt. Setup Serv. Job Responsibility Code (Serv. Job Responsibility Code) 1..n