Job Queue Entry


# Name Type
2 User ID (User ID) Text65 Editable: No
4 Last Ready State (Last Ready State) DateTime Editable: No
5 Expiration Date/Time (Expiration Date/Time) DateTime
6 Earliest Start Date/Time (Earliest Start Date/Time) DateTime
7 Object Type to Run (Object Type to Run) Option
8 Object ID to Run (Object ID to Run) Integer
9 Object Caption to Run (Object Caption to Run) Text250 Editable: No
10 Report Output Type (Report Output Type) Option
11 Maximum No. of Attempts to Run (Maximum No. of Attempts to Run) Integer
12 No. of Attempts to Run (No. of Attempts to Run) Integer Editable: No
13 Status (Status) Option Editable: No
14 Priority (Priority) Integer
15 Record ID to Process (Record ID to Process) RecordID
16 Parameter String (Parameter String) Text250
17 Recurring Job (Recurring Job) Boolean
18 No. of Minutes between Runs (No. of Minutes between Runs) Integer
19 Run on Mondays (Run on Mondays) Boolean
20 Run on Tuesdays (Run on Tuesdays) Boolean
21 Run on Wednesdays (Run on Wednesdays) Boolean
22 Run on Thursdays (Run on Thursdays) Boolean
23 Run on Fridays (Run on Fridays) Boolean
24 Run on Saturdays (Run on Saturdays) Boolean
25 Run on Sundays (Run on Sundays) Boolean
26 Starting Time (Starting Time) Time
27 Ending Time (Ending Time) Time
28 Reference Starting Time (Reference Starting Time) DateTime Editable: No
30 Description (Description) Text50
31 Run in User Session (Run in User Session) Boolean Editable: No
32 User Session ID (User Session ID) Integer
33 Job Queue Category Code (Job Queue Category Code) Code10
34 Error Message (Error Message) Text250
35 Error Message 2 (Error Message 2) Text250
36 Error Message 3 (Error Message 3) Text250
37 Error Message 4 (Error Message 4) Text250
40 User Service Instance ID (User Service Instance ID) Integer
41 User Session Started (User Session Started) DateTime Editable: No
42 Timeout (sec.) (Timeout (sec.)) Integer
43 Notify On Success (Notify On Success) Boolean
44 User Language ID (User Language ID) Integer
45 Printer Name (Printer Name) Text250
46 Report Request Page Options (Report Request Page Options) Boolean
47 Rerun Delay (sec.) (Rerun Delay (sec.)) Integer
48 System Task ID (System Task ID) GUID
49 Scheduled (Scheduled) Boolean FlowField


# Fields
0 ID (ID) Clustered: Yes
1 Job Queue Category Code (Job Queue Category Code)

Table Relations To Other Tables

Field Related Table Related Field
Object ID to Run (Object ID to Run) AllObjWithCaption Object ID (Object ID) 1..n
Job Queue Category Code (Job Queue Category Code) Job Queue Category Code (Code) 1..n
User ID (User ID) User User Name (User Name) 1..n

Table Relations From Other Tables

From Table From Field
Notification Schedule Last Scheduled Job (Last Scheduled Job) 1..n