Inventory Adjmt. Entry (Order)

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# Name Type
1 Order Type (Order Type) Option
2 Order No. (Order No.) Code20
3 Order Line No. (Order Line No.) Integer
4 Item No. (Item No.) Code20
7 Routing No. (Routing No.) Code20
8 Routing Reference No. (Routing Reference No.) Integer
21 Indirect Cost % (Indirect Cost %) Decimal (0:5)
22 Overhead Rate (Overhead Rate) Decimal
29 Cost is Adjusted (Cost is Adjusted) Boolean
30 Allow Online Adjustment (Allow Online Adjustment) Boolean
41 Unit Cost (Unit Cost) Decimal
42 Direct Cost (Direct Cost) Decimal
43 Indirect Cost (Indirect Cost) Decimal
44 Single-Level Material Cost (Single-Level Material Cost) Decimal
45 Single-Level Capacity Cost (Single-Level Capacity Cost) Decimal
46 Single-Level Subcontrd. Cost (Single-Level Subcontrd. Cost) Decimal
47 Single-Level Cap. Ovhd Cost (Single-Level Cap. Ovhd Cost) Decimal
48 Single-Level Mfg. Ovhd Cost (Single-Level Mfg. Ovhd Cost) Decimal
52 Direct Cost (ACY) (Direct Cost (ACY)) Decimal
53 Indirect Cost (ACY) (Indirect Cost (ACY)) Decimal
54 Single-Lvl Material Cost (ACY) (Single-Lvl Material Cost (ACY)) Decimal
55 Single-Lvl Capacity Cost (ACY) (Single-Lvl Capacity Cost (ACY)) Decimal
56 Single-Lvl Subcontrd Cost(ACY) (Single-Lvl Subcontrd Cost(ACY)) Decimal
57 Single-Lvl Cap. Ovhd Cost(ACY) (Single-Lvl Cap. Ovhd Cost(ACY)) Decimal
58 Single-Lvl Mfg. Ovhd Cost(ACY) (Single-Lvl Mfg. Ovhd Cost(ACY)) Decimal
61 Completely Invoiced (Completely Invoiced) Boolean
62 Is Finished (Is Finished) Boolean


# Fields
0 Order Type,Order No.,Order Line No. (Order Type,Order No.,Order Line No.) Clustered: Yes
1 Cost is Adjusted,Allow Online Adjustment (Cost is Adjusted,Allow Online Adjustment)

Table Relations To Other Tables

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Item No. (Item No.) Item No. (No.) 1..n
Routing No. (Routing No.) Routing Header No. (No.) 1..n

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