G/L Register

DynamicsDocs.comG/L Register«Table 45»G/L RegisterNo. [PK]From Entry No.To Entry No.Creation DateSource CodeUser IDJournal Batch NameFrom VAT Entry No.To VAT Entry No.Reversed«Table 179»Reversal EntryLine No. [PK]Entry Type; [,G/L Account,Customer,Ven...Entry No.G/L Register No.Source CodeJournal Batch NameTransaction No.Source Type; [,Customer,Vendor,Bank Ac...Source No.Currency CodeDescriptionAmountDebit AmountCredit AmountAmount [LCY]Debit Amount [LCY]Credit Amount [LCY]VAT AmountPosting DateDocument Type; [,Payment,Invoice,Credi...Document No.Account No.Account NameBal. Account Type; [G/L Account,Custom...Bal. Account No.FA Posting Category; [,Disposal,Bal. D...FA Posting Type; [,Acquisition Cost,De...Reversal Type; [Transaction,Register]«Table 5617»FA RegisterNo. [PK]From Entry No.To Entry No.Creation DateSource CodeUser IDJournal Batch NameJournal Type; [G/L,Fixed Asset]G/L Register No.From Maintenance Entry No.To Maintenance Entry No.«Table 5823»G/L - Item Ledger RelationG/L Entry No. [PK,NN]Value Entry No. [PK,NN]G/L Register No.«Table 87»Date Compr. RegisterNo. [PK]Creation DateTable CaptionPeriod Length; [Day,Week,Month,Quarter...Ending DateNo. of New RecordsNo. Records DeletedUser IDFilterStarting DateTable IDRegister No.Source CodeRetain Field ContentsRetain Totals«Table 17»G/L EntryEntry No. [PK]G/L Account No.Posting DateDocument Type; [,Payment,Invoice,Credi...Document No.DescriptionBal. Account No.AmountGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeUser IDSource CodeSystem-Created EntryPrior-Year EntryJob No.QuantityVAT AmountBusiness Unit CodeJournal Batch NameReason CodeGen. Posting Type; [,Purchase,Sale,Set...Gen. Bus. Posting GroupGen. Prod. Posting GroupBal. Account Type; [G/L Account,Custom...Transaction No.Debit AmountCredit AmountDocument DateExternal Document No.Source Type; [,Customer,Vendor,Bank Ac...Source No....«Table 230»Source CodeCode [PK,NN]Description«Table 2000000120»UserUser Security ID [PK]User NameFull NameState; [Enabled,Disabled]Expiry DateWindows Security IDChange PasswordLicense Type; [Full User,Limited User,...Authentication EmailContact EmailExchange IdentifierApplication ID«Table 254»VAT EntryEntry No. [PK]Gen. Bus. Posting GroupGen. Prod. Posting GroupPosting DateDocument No.Document Type; [,Payment,Invoice,Credi...Type; [,Purchase,Sale,Settlement]BaseAmountVAT Calculation Type; [Normal VAT,Reve...Bill-to/Pay-to No.EU 3-Party TradeUser IDSource CodeReason CodeClosed by Entry No.ClosedCountry/Region CodeInternal Ref. No.Transaction No.Unrealized AmountUnrealized BaseRemaining Unrealized AmountRemaining Unrealized BaseExternal Document No.No. SeriesTax Area CodeTax LiableTax Group CodeUse TaxTax Jurisdiction Code...<From Entry No.><To Entry No.><Source Code><User ID><From VAT Entry No.><To VAT Entry No.><G/L Register No.><G/L Register No.><G/L Register No.><Register No.><Entry No.><Entry No.><Source Code><Source Code><User ID><Register No.><G/L Entry No.><User ID><Source Code><Source Code><Reversed by Entry No.><Reversed Entry No.><Source Code><User ID><Closed by Entry No.><Unrealized VAT Entry No.><Reversed by Entry No.><Reversed Entry No.>

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# Name Type
1 No. Integer
2 From Entry No. Integer
3 To Entry No. Integer
4 Creation Date Date
5 Source Code Code10
6 User ID Code50
7 Journal Batch Name Code10
8 From VAT Entry No. Integer
9 To VAT Entry No. Integer
10 Reversed Boolean


# Fields
0 No. Clustered: Yes
1 Creation Date
2 Source Code,Journal Batch Name,Creation Date

Table Relations To Other Tables

Field Related Table Related Field
To Entry No. G/L Entry Entry No. 1..n
Source Code Source Code Code 1..n
User ID User User Name 1..n
To VAT Entry No. VAT Entry Entry No. 1..n

Table Relations From Other Tables

From Table From Field
Date Compr. Register Register No. 1..n
FA Register G/L Register No. 1..n
G/L - Item Ledger Relation G/L Register No. 1..n
Reversal Entry G/L Register No. 1..n