General Ledger Setup

DynamicsDocs.comGeneral Ledger Setup«Table 98»General Ledger SetupPrimary Key [PK]Allow Posting FromAllow Posting ToRegister TimePmt. Disc. Excl. VATDate FilterGlobal Dimension 1 FilterGlobal Dimension 2 FilterCust. Balances DueVendor Balances DueUnrealized VATAdjust for Payment Disc.Mark Cr. Memos as CorrectionsLocal Address Format; [Post Code+City,...Inv. Rounding Precision [LCY]Inv. Rounding Type [LCY]; [Nearest,Up,...Local Cont. Addr. Format; [First,After...Bank Account Nos.Summarize G/L EntriesAmount Decimal PlacesUnit-Amount Decimal PlacesAdditional Reporting CurrencyVAT Tolerance %EMU CurrencyLCY CodeVAT Exchange Rate Adjustment; [No Adju...Amount Rounding PrecisionUnit-Amount Rounding PrecisionAppln. Rounding PrecisionGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 Code...«Table 349»Dimension ValueDimension Code [PK,NN]Code [PK,NN]NameDimension Value Type; [Standard,Headin...TotalingBlockedConsolidation CodeIndentationGlobal Dimension No.Map-to IC Dimension CodeMap-to IC Dimension Value CodeDimension Value ID«Table 308»No. SeriesCode [PK,NN]DescriptionDefault Nos.Manual Nos.Date Order«Table 4»CurrencyCode [PK,NN]Last Date ModifiedLast Date AdjustedUnrealized Gains Acc.Realized Gains Acc.Unrealized Losses Acc.Realized Losses Acc.Invoice Rounding PrecisionInvoice Rounding Type; [Nearest,Up,Dow...Amount Rounding PrecisionUnit-Amount Rounding PrecisionDescriptionAmount Decimal Places [NN]Unit-Amount Decimal Places [NN]Customer FilterVendor FilterGlobal Dimension 1 FilterGlobal Dimension 2 FilterDate FilterCust. Ledg. Entries in FilterCustomer BalanceCustomer Outstanding OrdersCustomer Shipped Not InvoicedCustomer Balance DueVendor Ledg. Entries in FilterVendor BalanceVendor Outstanding OrdersVendor Amt. Rcd. Not InvoicedVendor Balance DueCustomer Balance [LCY]Vendor Balance [LCY]...«Table 348»DimensionCode [PK,NN]NameCode CaptionFilter CaptionDescriptionBlockedConsolidation CodeMap-to IC Dimension Code«Table 84»Acc. Schedule NameName [PK,NN]DescriptionDefault Column LayoutAnalysis View Name«Table 1222»Data Exch. DefCode [PK,NN]NameType; [Bank Statement Import,Payment E...Reading/Writing XMLportHeader LinesHeader TagFooter TagColumn Separator; [,Tab,Semicolon,Comm...File Encoding; [MS-DOS,UTF-8,UTF-16,WI...File Type; [Xml,Variable Text,Fixed Te...Ext. Data Handling CodeunitReading/Writing CodeunitValidation CodeunitData Handling CodeunitUser Feedback Codeunit<Global Dimension 1 Filter><Global Dimension 2 Filter><Bank Account Nos.><Additional Reporting Currency><Global Dimension 1 Code><Global Dimension 2 Code><Shortcut Dimension 1 Code><Shortcut Dimension 2 Code><Shortcut Dimension 3 Code><Shortcut Dimension 4 Code><Shortcut Dimension 5 Code><Shortcut Dimension 6 Code><Shortcut Dimension 7 Code><Shortcut Dimension 8 Code><Acc. Sched. for Balance Sheet><Acc. Sched. for Income Stmt.><Acc. Sched. for Cash Flow Stmt><Acc. Sched. for Retained Earn.><Payroll Trans. Import Format><Dimension Code><Global Dimension 1 Filter><Global Dimension 2 Filter>

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# Name Type
1 Primary Key Code10
2 Allow Posting From Date
3 Allow Posting To Date
4 Register Time Boolean
28 Pmt. Disc. Excl. VAT Boolean
41 Date Filter Date FlowFilter
42 Global Dimension 1 Filter Code20 FlowFilter
43 Global Dimension 2 Filter Code20 FlowFilter
44 Cust. Balances Due Decimal Editable: No
45 Vendor Balances Due Decimal Editable: No
48 Unrealized VAT Boolean
49 Adjust for Payment Disc. Boolean
56 Mark Cr. Memos as Corrections Boolean
57 Local Address Format Option
58 Inv. Rounding Precision (LCY) Decimal
59 Inv. Rounding Type (LCY) Option
60 Local Cont. Addr. Format Option
63 Bank Account Nos. Code10
65 Summarize G/L Entries Boolean
66 Amount Decimal Places Text5
67 Unit-Amount Decimal Places Text5
68 Additional Reporting Currency Code10
69 VAT Tolerance % Decimal (0:5)
70 EMU Currency Boolean
71 LCY Code Code10
72 VAT Exchange Rate Adjustment Option
73 Amount Rounding Precision Decimal (0:5)
74 Unit-Amount Rounding Precision Decimal (0:9)
75 Appln. Rounding Precision Decimal
79 Global Dimension 1 Code Code20 Editable: No
80 Global Dimension 2 Code Code20 Editable: No
81 Shortcut Dimension 1 Code Code20 Editable: No
82 Shortcut Dimension 2 Code Code20 Editable: No
83 Shortcut Dimension 3 Code Code20
84 Shortcut Dimension 4 Code Code20
85 Shortcut Dimension 5 Code Code20
86 Shortcut Dimension 6 Code Code20
87 Shortcut Dimension 7 Code Code20
88 Shortcut Dimension 8 Code Code20
89 Max. VAT Difference Allowed Decimal
90 VAT Rounding Type Option
92 Pmt. Disc. Tolerance Posting Option
93 Payment Discount Grace Period DateFormula
94 Payment Tolerance % Decimal (0:5) Editable: No
95 Max. Payment Tolerance Amount Decimal Editable: No
96 Adapt Main Menu to Permissions Boolean
97 Allow G/L Acc. Deletion Before Date
98 Check G/L Account Usage Boolean
99 Payment Tolerance Posting Option
100 Pmt. Disc. Tolerance Warning Boolean
101 Payment Tolerance Warning Boolean
102 Last IC Transaction No. Integer
103 Bill-to/Sell-to VAT Calc. Option
110 Acc. Sched. for Balance Sheet Code10
111 Acc. Sched. for Income Stmt. Code10
112 Acc. Sched. for Cash Flow Stmt Code10
113 Acc. Sched. for Retained Earn. Code10
150 Print VAT specification in LCY Boolean
151 Prepayment Unrealized VAT Boolean
152 Use Legacy G/L Entry Locking Boolean
160 Payroll Trans. Import Format Code20
161 VAT Reg. No. Validation URL Text250
162 Local Currency Symbol Text10


# Fields
0 Primary Key Clustered: Yes

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Additional Reporting Currency Currency Code 1..n
Payroll Trans. Import Format Data Exch. Def 1..n
Shortcut Dimension 8 Code Dimension Code 1..n
Global Dimension 2 Filter Dimension Value Code 1..n
Bank Account Nos. No. Series Code 1..n

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