FA Reclass. Journal Line

DynamicsDocs.comFA Reclass. Journal Line«Table 5624»FA Reclass. Journal LineJournal Template Name [PK]Journal Batch Name [PK]Line No. [PK]FA No.New FA No.FA Posting DatePosting DateDepreciation Book CodeReclassify Acq. Cost AmountReclassify Acq. Cost %Reclassify Acquisition CostReclassify DepreciationReclassify Write-DownReclassify AppreciationReclassify Custom 1Reclassify Custom 2Reclassify Salvage ValueInsert Bal. AccountDescriptionDocument No.Calc. DB1 Depr. Amount«Table 5622»FA Reclass. Journal TemplateName [PK,NN]DescriptionPage IDPage Caption«Table 5623»FA Reclass. Journal BatchJournal Template Name [PK,NN]Name [PK,NN]Description«Table 5600»Fixed AssetNo. [PK]DescriptionSearch DescriptionDescription 2FA Class CodeFA Subclass CodeGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeLocation CodeFA Location CodeVendor No.Main Asset/Component; [,Main Asset,Com...Component of Main AssetBudgeted AssetWarranty DateResponsible EmployeeSerial No.Last Date ModifiedInsuredCommentBlockedPictureMaintenance Vendor No.Under MaintenanceNext Service DateInactiveFA Posting Date FilterNo. SeriesFA Posting GroupAcquiredImage...«Table 5611»Depreciation BookCode [PK,NN]DescriptionG/L Integration - Acq. CostG/L Integration - DepreciationG/L Integration - Write-DownG/L Integration - AppreciationG/L Integration - Custom 1G/L Integration - Custom 2G/L Integration - DisposalG/L Integration - MaintenanceDisposal Calculation Method; [Net,Gros...Use Custom 1 DepreciationAllow Depr. below ZeroUse FA Exch. Rate in Duplic.Part of Duplication ListLast Date ModifiedAllow IndexationUse Same FA+G/L Posting DatesDefault Exchange RateUse FA Ledger CheckUse Rounding in Periodic Depr.New Fiscal Year Starting DateNo. of Days in Fiscal YearAllow Changes in Depr. FieldsDefault Final Rounding AmountDefault Ending Book ValuePeriodic Depr. Date Calc.; [Last Entry...Mark Errors as CorrectionsAdd-Curr Exch Rate - Acq. CostAdd.-Curr. Exch. Rate - Depr.Add-Curr Exch Rate -Write-Down...<Journal Template Name><Journal Batch Name><FA No.><New FA No.><Depreciation Book Code><Journal Template Name><Component of Main Asset>

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# Name Type
1 Journal Template Name (Journal Template Name) Code10
2 Journal Batch Name (Journal Batch Name) Code10
3 Line No. (Line No.) Integer
4 FA No. (FA No.) Code20
5 New FA No. (New FA No.) Code20
6 FA Posting Date (FA Posting Date) Date
7 Posting Date (Posting Date) Date
8 Depreciation Book Code (Depreciation Book Code) Code10
9 Reclassify Acq. Cost Amount (Reclassify Acq. Cost Amount) Decimal
10 Reclassify Acq. Cost % (Reclassify Acq. Cost %) Decimal (0:8)
11 Reclassify Acquisition Cost (Reclassify Acquisition Cost) Boolean
12 Reclassify Depreciation (Reclassify Depreciation) Boolean
13 Reclassify Write-Down (Reclassify Write-Down) Boolean
14 Reclassify Appreciation (Reclassify Appreciation) Boolean
15 Reclassify Custom 1 (Reclassify Custom 1) Boolean
16 Reclassify Custom 2 (Reclassify Custom 2) Boolean
17 Reclassify Salvage Value (Reclassify Salvage Value) Boolean
18 Insert Bal. Account (Insert Bal. Account) Boolean
19 Description (Description) Text50
20 Document No. (Document No.) Code20
22 Calc. DB1 Depr. Amount (Calc. DB1 Depr. Amount) Boolean


# Fields
0 Journal Template Name,Journal Batch Name,Line No. (Journal Template Name,Journal Batch Name,Line No.) Clustered: Yes
1 Journal Template Name,Journal Batch Name,FA Posting Date (Journal Template Name,Journal Batch Name,FA Posting Date)

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Depreciation Book Code (Depreciation Book Code) Depreciation Book Code (Code) 1..n
Journal Batch Name (Journal Batch Name) FA Reclass. Journal Batch Name (Name) 1..n
Journal Template Name (Journal Template Name) FA Reclass. Journal Template Name (Name) 1..n
New FA No. (New FA No.) Fixed Asset No. (No.) 1..n

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