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DynamicsDocs.comDepreciation Table Header«Table 5642»Depreciation Table HeaderCode [PK,NN]DescriptionPeriod Length; [Month,Period,Quarter,Y...Total No. of Units«Table 5601»FA Ledger EntryEntry No. [PK]G/L Entry No.FA No.FA Posting DatePosting DateDocument Type; [,Payment,Invoice,Credi...Document DateDocument No.External Document No.DescriptionDepreciation Book CodeFA Posting Category; [,Disposal,Bal. D...FA Posting Type; [Acquisition Cost,Dep...AmountDebit AmountCredit AmountReclassification EntryPart of Book ValuePart of Depreciable BasisDisposal Calculation Method; [,Net,Gro...Disposal Entry No.No. of Depreciation DaysQuantityFA No./Budgeted FA No.FA Subclass CodeFA Location CodeFA Posting GroupGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeLocation CodeUser ID...«Table 5612»FA Depreciation BookFA No. [PK,NN]Depreciation Book Code [PK,NN]Depreciation Method; [Straight-Line,De...Depreciation Starting DateStraight-Line %No. of Depreciation YearsNo. of Depreciation MonthsFixed Depr. AmountDeclining-Balance %Depreciation Table CodeFinal Rounding AmountEnding Book ValueFA Posting GroupDepreciation Ending DateAcquisition CostDepreciationBook ValueProceeds on DisposalGain/LossWrite-DownAppreciationCustom 1Custom 2Depreciable BasisSalvage ValueBook Value on DisposalMaintenanceMaintenance Code FilterFA Posting Date FilterAcquisition DateG/L Acquisition Date...«Table 5643»Depreciation Table LineDepreciation Table Code [PK,NN]Period No. [PK,NN]Period Depreciation %No. of Units in Period<Depreciation Table Code><Depreciation Table Code><Depreciation Table Code><Reversed by Entry No.><Reversed Entry No.>

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# Name Type
1 Code (Code) Code10 NotBlank: Yes
2 Description (Description) Text50
3 Period Length (Period Length) Option
4 Total No. of Units (Total No. of Units) Decimal (0:5)


# Fields
0 Code (Code) Clustered: Yes

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Depreciation Table Line Depreciation Table Code (Depreciation Table Code) 1..n
FA Depreciation Book Depreciation Table Code (Depreciation Table Code) 1..n
FA Ledger Entry Depreciation Table Code (Depreciation Table Code) 1..n