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DynamicsDocs.comCompany Information«Table 79»Company InformationPrimary Key [PK]NameName 2AddressAddress 2CityPhone No.Phone No. 2Telex No.Fax No.Giro No.Bank NameBank Branch No.Bank Account No.Payment Routing No.Customs Permit No.Customs Permit DateVAT Registration No.Registration No.Telex Answer BackShip-to NameShip-to Name 2Ship-to AddressShip-to Address 2Ship-to CityShip-to ContactLocation CodePicturePost CodeCountyShip-to Post Code...«Table 14»LocationCode [PK,NN]NameDefault Bin CodeName 2AddressAddress 2CityPhone No.Phone No. 2Telex No.Fax No.ContactPost CodeCountyE-MailHome PageCountry/Region CodeUse As In-TransitRequire Put-awayRequire PickCross-Dock Due Date Calc.Use Cross-DockingRequire ReceiveRequire ShipmentBin MandatoryDirected Put-away and PickDefault Bin Selection; [,Fixed Bin,Las...Outbound Whse. Handling TimeInbound Whse. Handling TimePut-away Template CodeUse Put-away Worksheet...«Table 9»Country/RegionCode [PK,NN]NameEU Country/Region CodeIntrastat CodeAddress Format; [Post Code+City,City+P...Contact Address Format; [First,After C...VAT Scheme«Table 5714»Responsibility CenterCode [PK,NN]NameAddressAddress 2CityPost CodeCountry/Region CodePhone No.Fax No.Name 2ContactGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeLocation CodeCountyE-MailHome PageDate FilterContract Gain/Loss Amount«Table 7600»Base CalendarCode [PK,NN]NameCustomized Changes Exist<Location Code><Country/Region Code><Ship-to Country/Region Code><Responsibility Center><Base Calendar Code><Country/Region Code><Base Calendar Code><Location Code><Country/Region Code>

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# Name Type
1 Primary Key (Primary Key) Code10
2 Name (Name) Text50
3 Name 2 (Name 2) Text50
4 Address (Address) Text50
5 Address 2 (Address 2) Text50
6 City (City) Text30
7 Phone No. (Phone No.) Text30 [Phone No.]
8 Phone No. 2 (Phone No. 2) Text30 [Phone No.]
9 Telex No. (Telex No.) Text30
10 Fax No. (Fax No.) Text30
11 Giro No. (Giro No.) Text20
12 Bank Name (Bank Name) Text50
13 Bank Branch No. (Bank Branch No.) Text20
14 Bank Account No. (Bank Account No.) Text30
15 Payment Routing No. (Payment Routing No.) Text20
17 Customs Permit No. (Customs Permit No.) Text10
18 Customs Permit Date (Customs Permit Date) Date
19 VAT Registration No. (VAT Registration No.) Text20
20 Registration No. (Registration No.) Text20
21 Telex Answer Back (Telex Answer Back) Text20
22 Ship-to Name (Ship-to Name) Text50
23 Ship-to Name 2 (Ship-to Name 2) Text50
24 Ship-to Address (Ship-to Address) Text50
25 Ship-to Address 2 (Ship-to Address 2) Text50
26 Ship-to City (Ship-to City) Text30
27 Ship-to Contact (Ship-to Contact) Text50
28 Location Code (Location Code) Code10
29 Picture (Picture) BLOB [Bitmap]
30 Post Code (Post Code) Code20
31 County (County) Text30
32 Ship-to Post Code (Ship-to Post Code) Code20
33 Ship-to County (Ship-to County) Text30
34 E-Mail (E-Mail) Text80 [E-Mail]
35 Home Page (Home Page) Text80 [URL]
36 Country/Region Code (Country/Region Code) Code10
37 Ship-to Country/Region Code (Ship-to Country/Region Code) Code10
38 IBAN (IBAN) Code50
39 SWIFT Code (SWIFT Code) Code20
40 Industrial Classification (Industrial Classification) Text30
41 IC Partner Code (IC Partner Code) Code20
42 IC Inbox Type (IC Inbox Type) Option
43 IC Inbox Details (IC Inbox Details) Text250
46 System Indicator (System Indicator) Option
47 Custom System Indicator Text (Custom System Indicator Text) Text250
48 System Indicator Style (System Indicator Style) Option
50 Allow Blank Payment Info. (Allow Blank Payment Info.) Boolean
90 GLN (GLN) Code13 [Numeric:Yes]
99 Created DateTime (Created DateTime) DateTime Editable: No
100 Demo Company (Demo Company) Boolean Editable: No
5700 Responsibility Center (Responsibility Center) Code10
5791 Check-Avail. Period Calc. (Check-Avail. Period Calc.) DateFormula
5792 Check-Avail. Time Bucket (Check-Avail. Time Bucket) Option
7600 Base Calendar Code (Base Calendar Code) Code10
7601 Cal. Convergence Time Frame (Cal. Convergence Time Frame) DateFormula
7602 Show Chart On RoleCenter (Show Chart On RoleCenter) Boolean


# Fields
0 Primary Key (Primary Key) Clustered: Yes

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Base Calendar Code (Base Calendar Code) Base Calendar Code (Code) 1..n
Ship-to Country/Region Code (Ship-to Country/Region Code) Country/Region Code (Code) 1..n
Location Code (Location Code) Location () 1..n
Responsibility Center (Responsibility Center) Responsibility Center Code (Code) 1..n

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