DynamicsDocs.comCompany«Table 2000000006»CompanyName [PK]Evaluation Company«Table 1802»Assisted Company Setup StatusCompany Name [PK]EnabledPackage ImportedImport FailedCompany Setup Session ID«Table 2000000053»Access ControlUser Security ID [PK]Role ID [PK]Company Name [PK]User NameRole NameScope; [System,Tenant] [PK]App ID [PK]App Name«Table 2000000068»Record LinkLink ID [PK]Record IDURL1URL2URL3URL4DescriptionType; [Link,Note]NoteCreatedUser IDCompanyNotifyTo User ID«Table 2000000073»User PersonalizationUser SID [PK]User IDProfile IDLanguage IDCompanyDebugger Break On ErrorDebugger Break On Rec ChangesDebugger Skip System TriggersLocale IDTime ZoneLicense Type; [Full User,Limited User,...«Table 2000000175»Scheduled TaskID [PK]User IDUser NameUser Language IDUser Format IDUser Time ZoneCompanyIs ReadyNot BeforeRun CodeunitFailure CodeunitRecord«Table 2000000180»Media SetID [PK]Media ID [PK]Company NameMedia Index«Table 2000000181»MediaID [PK]DescriptionContentMime TypeHeightWidthCompany NameExpiration DateProhibit CacheFile NameSecurity TokenCreating User«Table 2000000183»Tenant Media SetID [PK]Media ID [PK]Company NameMedia Index«Table 2000000184»Tenant MediaID [PK]DescriptionContentMime TypeHeightWidthCompany NameExpiration DateProhibit CacheFile NameSecurity TokenCreating User«Table 2000000185»Tenant Media ThumbnailsID [PK]Media IDContentMime TypeHeightWidthCompany NameEmbedded«Table 2000000196»Object OptionsParameter Name [PK]Object ID [PK]Object Type; [,,,Report,,,XMLport] [PK...Company Name [PK]User Name [PK]Option DataPublic VisibleTemporaryCreated By«Table 413»IC PartnerCode [PK,NN]NameCurrency CodeInbox Type; [File Location,Database,Em...Inbox DetailsReceivables AccountPayables AccountBlockedCommentCustomer No.Vendor No.Outbound Sales Item No. Type; [Interna...Outbound Purch. Item No. Type; [Intern...Cost Distribution in LCY«Table 8613»Config. Package TablePackage Code [PK]Table ID [PK,NN]Table NameNo. of Package RecordsNo. of Package ErrorsImported Date and TimeExported Date and TimeCommentsCreated Date and TimeCompany Filter [Source Table]Table CaptionData TemplatePackage Processing OrderPage IDProcessing OrderNo. of Fields IncludedNo. of Fields AvailableNo. of Fields to ValidatePackage CaptionImported by User IDCreated by User IDDimensions as ColumnsFilteredSkip Table TriggersDelete Recs Before ProcessingProcessing Report IDParent Table IDValidated«Table 8622»Config. LineLine No. [PK]Line Type; [Area,Group,Table]Table IDNameCompany FilterCompany Filter [Source Table]No. of RecordsNo. of Records [Source Table]Licensed TablePromoted TableDimensions as ColumnsCopying AvailablePage IDPage CaptionStarting DateEnding DateResponsible IDStatus; [,In Progress,Completed,Ignore...Vertical SortingData OriginReferenceLicensed PageNo. of Question GroupsParent Line No.Package CodePackage CaptionPackage Exists«Table 9001»User Group MemberUser Group Code [PK,NN]User Security ID [PK,NN]Company Name [PK]User NameUser Full NameUser Group Name«Table 9002»User Group Access ControlUser Group Code [PK]User Security ID [PK]Role ID [PK]Company Name [PK]User NameScope; [System,Tenant] [PK]App ID [PK]«Table 9178»Application Area SetupCompany Name [PK]Profile ID [PK]User ID [PK]BasicSuiteRelationship MgmtJobsFixed Assets«Table 9650»Custom Report LayoutCode [PK]Report IDReport NameCompany NameType; [RDLC,Word]LayoutLast ModifiedLast Modified by UserFile ExtensionDescriptionCustom XML PartApp IDBuilt-In«Table 9651»Report Layout SelectionReport ID [PK]Report NameCompany Name [PK]Type; [RDLC <built-in>,Word <built-in>...Custom Report Layout CodeReport Layout DescriptionReport Caption<Company Name><Company Name><Company><Company><Company><Company Name><Company Name><Company Name><Company Name><Company Name><Company Name><Inbox Details><Company Filter (Source Table)><Company Filter><Company Filter (Source Table)><Company Name><Company Name><Company Name><Company Name><Company Name><Media ID><Parent Table ID><Custom Report Layout Code>

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# Name Type
1 Name (Name) Text30
2 Evaluation Company (Evaluation Company) Boolean


# Fields
0 Name (Name) Clustered: Yes

Table Relations To Other Tables

Field Related Table Related Field

Table Relations From Other Tables

From Table From Field
Access Control Company Name (Company Name) 1..n
Application Area Setup Company Name (Company Name) 1..n
Assisted Company Setup Status Company Name (Company Name) 1..1
Config. Line Company Filter (Source Table) (Company Filter (Source Table)) 1..n
Config. Package Table Company Filter (Source Table) (Company Filter (Source Table)) 1..n
Custom Report Layout Company Name (Company Name) 1..n
IC Partner Inbox Details (Inbox Details) 1..n
Media Company Name (Company Name) 1..n
Media Set Company Name (Company Name) 1..n
Object Options Company Name (Company Name) 1..n
Record Link Company (Company) 1..n
Report Layout Selection Company Name (Company Name) 1..n
Scheduled Task Company (Company) 1..n
Tenant Media Company Name (Company Name) 1..n
Tenant Media Set Company Name (Company Name) 1..n
Tenant Media Thumbnails Company Name (Company Name) 1..n
User Group Access Control Company Name (Company Name) 1..n
User Group Member Company Name (Company Name) 1..n
User Personalization Company (Company) 1..n