Change Log Entry


# Name Type
1 Entry No. (Entry No.) BigInteger AutoIncrement: Yes
2 Date and Time (Date and Time) DateTime
3 Time (Time) Time
4 User ID (User ID) Code50
5 Table No. (Table No.) Integer
6 Table Caption (Table Caption) Text250 FlowField
7 Field No. (Field No.) Integer
8 Field Caption (Field Caption) Text80 FlowField
9 Type of Change (Type of Change) Option
10 Old Value (Old Value) Text250
11 New Value (New Value) Text250
12 Primary Key (Primary Key) Text250
13 Primary Key Field 1 No. (Primary Key Field 1 No.) Integer
14 Primary Key Field 1 Caption (Primary Key Field 1 Caption) Text80 FlowField
15 Primary Key Field 1 Value (Primary Key Field 1 Value) Text50
16 Primary Key Field 2 No. (Primary Key Field 2 No.) Integer
17 Primary Key Field 2 Caption (Primary Key Field 2 Caption) Text80 FlowField
18 Primary Key Field 2 Value (Primary Key Field 2 Value) Text50
19 Primary Key Field 3 No. (Primary Key Field 3 No.) Integer
20 Primary Key Field 3 Caption (Primary Key Field 3 Caption) Text80 FlowField
21 Primary Key Field 3 Value (Primary Key Field 3 Value) Text50
22 Record ID (Record ID) RecordID


# Fields
0 Entry No. (Entry No.) Clustered: Yes
1 Table No.,Primary Key Field 1 Value (Table No.,Primary Key Field 1 Value)
2 Table No.,Date and Time (Table No.,Date and Time)

Table Relations To Other Tables

Field Related Table Related Field
Table No. (Table No.) AllObjWithCaption Object ID (Object ID) 1..n
Primary Key Field 3 No. (Primary Key Field 3 No.) Field No. (No.) 1..n
User ID (User ID) User User Name (User Name) 1..n

Table Relations From Other Tables

From Table From Field