Acc. Schedule Line

DynamicsDocs.comAcc. Schedule Line«Table 85»Acc. Schedule LineSchedule Name [PK]Line No. [PK]Row No.DescriptionTotalingTotaling Type; [Posting Accounts,Total...New PageIndentationDate FilterDimension 1 FilterDimension 2 FilterG/L Budget FilterBusiness Unit FilterShow; [Yes,No,If Any Column Not Zero,W...Dimension 3 FilterDimension 4 FilterDimension 1 TotalingDimension 2 TotalingDimension 3 TotalingDimension 4 TotalingBoldItalicUnderlineShow Opposite SignRow Type; [Net Change,Balance at Date,...Amount Type; [Net Amount,Debit Amount,...Double UnderlineCash Flow Forecast FilterCost Center FilterCost Object FilterCost Center Totaling...«Table 763»Acc. Sched. Chart Setup LineUser ID [PK]Name [PK]Account Schedule NameAccount Schedule Line No. [PK]Column Layout NameColumn Layout Line No. [PK]Original Measure NameMeasure NameMeasure ValueChart Type; [,Line,StepLine,Column,Sta...«Table 84»Acc. Schedule NameName [PK,NN]DescriptionDefault Column LayoutAnalysis View Name«Table 95»G/L Budget NameName [PK,NN]DescriptionBlockedBudget Dimension 1 CodeBudget Dimension 2 CodeBudget Dimension 3 CodeBudget Dimension 4 Code«Table 220»Business UnitCode [PK,NN]ConsolidateConsolidation %Starting DateEnding DateIncome Currency FactorBalance Currency FactorExch. Rate Losses Acc.Exch. Rate Gains Acc.Residual AccountLast Balance Currency FactorNameCompany NameCurrency CodeComp. Exch. Rate Gains Acc.Comp. Exch. Rate Losses Acc.Equity Exch. Rate Gains Acc.Equity Exch. Rate Losses Acc.Minority Exch. Rate Gains Acc.Minority Exch. Rate Losses AccCurrency Exchange Rate Table; [Local,B...Data Source; [Local Curr. <LCY>,Add. R...File Format; [Version 4.00 or Later <....«Table 840»Cash Flow ForecastNo. [PK]Search NameDescriptionDescription 2Consider DiscountCreation DateCreated ByManual Payments ToCommentNo. SeriesManual Payments FromG/L Budget FromG/L Budget ToConsider CF Payment TermsConsider Pmt. Disc. Tol. DateConsider Pmt. Tol. AmountAccount No. FilterSource Type Filter; [,Receivables,Paya...Cash Flow Date FilterAmount [LCY]Positive FilterOverdue CF Dates to Work DateDefault G/L Budget Name«Table 1112»Cost CenterCode [PK,NN]NameCost Subtype; [,Service Cost Center,Au...Cost Type FilterDate FilterNet ChangeBalance at DateBalance to AllocateResponsible PersonSorting OrderCommentLine Type; [Cost Center,Heading,Total,...BlockedNew PageBlank LineIndentationTotaling«Table 1113»Cost ObjectCode [PK,NN]NameCost Type FilterDate FilterNet ChangeBalance at DateSorting OrderCommentLine Type; [Cost Object,Heading,Total,...BlockedNew PageBlank LineIndentationTotaling«Table 1110»Cost Budget NameName [PK,NN]Description<Schedule Name><G/L Budget Filter><Business Unit Filter><Cash Flow Forecast Filter><Cost Center Filter><Cost Object Filter><Cost Budget Filter><Account Schedule Line No.><Account Schedule Name><Default G/L Budget Name>

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# Name Type
1 Schedule Name (Schedule Name) Code10
2 Line No. (Line No.) Integer
3 Row No. (Row No.) Code10
4 Description (Description) Text80
5 Totaling (Totaling) Text250
6 Totaling Type (Totaling Type) Option
7 New Page (New Page) Boolean
8 Indentation (Indentation) Integer
11 Date Filter (Date Filter) Date FlowFilter
12 Dimension 1 Filter (Dimension 1 Filter) Code20 FlowFilter
13 Dimension 2 Filter (Dimension 2 Filter) Code20 FlowFilter
14 G/L Budget Filter (G/L Budget Filter) Code10 FlowFilter
15 Business Unit Filter (Business Unit Filter) Code20 FlowFilter
16 Show (Show) Option
17 Dimension 3 Filter (Dimension 3 Filter) Code20 FlowFilter
18 Dimension 4 Filter (Dimension 4 Filter) Code20 FlowFilter
19 Dimension 1 Totaling (Dimension 1 Totaling) Text250
20 Dimension 2 Totaling (Dimension 2 Totaling) Text250
21 Dimension 3 Totaling (Dimension 3 Totaling) Text250
22 Dimension 4 Totaling (Dimension 4 Totaling) Text250
23 Bold (Bold) Boolean
24 Italic (Italic) Boolean
25 Underline (Underline) Boolean
26 Show Opposite Sign (Show Opposite Sign) Boolean
27 Row Type (Row Type) Option
28 Amount Type (Amount Type) Option
30 Double Underline (Double Underline) Boolean
840 Cash Flow Forecast Filter (Cash Flow Forecast Filter) Code20 FlowFilter
1100 Cost Center Filter (Cost Center Filter) Code20 FlowFilter
1101 Cost Object Filter (Cost Object Filter) Code20 FlowFilter
1102 Cost Center Totaling (Cost Center Totaling) Text80
1103 Cost Object Totaling (Cost Object Totaling) Text80
1104 Cost Budget Filter (Cost Budget Filter) Code10 FlowFilter


# Fields
0 Schedule Name,Line No. (Schedule Name,Line No.) Clustered: Yes

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Cash Flow Forecast Filter (Cash Flow Forecast Filter) Cash Flow Forecast No. (No.) 1..n
Cost Budget Filter (Cost Budget Filter) Cost Budget Name Name (Name) 1..n
Cost Center Filter (Cost Center Filter) Cost Center Code (Code) 1..n
Cost Object Filter (Cost Object Filter) Cost Object Code (Code) 1..n
G/L Budget Filter (G/L Budget Filter) G/L Budget Name Name (Name) 1..n

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