Warehouse Source Filter


# Name Type
1 Code Code10 NotBlank: Yes
2 Description Text50
3 Item No. Filter Code100
4 Variant Code Filter Code100
5 Unit of Measure Filter Code100
6 Sell-to Customer No. Filter Code100
7 Buy-from Vendor No. Filter Code100
8 Customer No. Filter Code100
10 Planned Delivery Date Filter Date FlowFilter
11 Shipment Method Code Filter Code100
12 Shipping Agent Code Filter Code100
13 Shipping Advice Filter Code100
15 Do Not Fill Qty. to Handle Boolean
16 Show Filter Request Boolean
17 Shipping Agent Service Filter Code100
18 In-Transit Code Filter Code100
19 Transfer-from Code Filter Code100
20 Transfer-to Code Filter Code100
21 Planned Shipment Date Filter Date FlowFilter
22 Planned Receipt Date Filter Date FlowFilter
23 Expected Receipt Date Filter Date FlowFilter
24 Shipment Date Filter Date FlowFilter
25 Receipt Date Filter Date FlowFilter
28 Sales Shipment Date Filter Date FlowFilter
98 Source No. Filter Code100
99 Source Document Code250
100 Type Option
101 Sales Orders Boolean
102 Sales Return Orders Boolean
103 Purchase Orders Boolean
104 Purchase Return Orders Boolean
105 Inbound Transfers Boolean
106 Outbound Transfers Boolean
108 Partial Boolean
109 Complete Boolean
110 Service Orders Boolean
7300 Planned Delivery Date Text250
7301 Planned Shipment Date Text250
7302 Planned Receipt Date Text250
7303 Expected Receipt Date Text250
7304 Shipment Date Text250
7305 Receipt Date Text250
7306 Sales Shipment Date Text250


# Fields
0 Type,Code Clustered: Yes

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