Notification Schedule


# Name Type
1 User ID (User ID) Code50
2 Notification Type (Notification Type) Option
3 Recurrence (Recurrence) Option
4 Time (Time) Time
5 Daily Frequency (Daily Frequency) Option
6 Monday (Monday) Boolean
7 Tuesday (Tuesday) Boolean
8 Wednesday (Wednesday) Boolean
9 Thursday (Thursday) Boolean
10 Friday (Friday) Boolean
11 Saturday (Saturday) Boolean
12 Sunday (Sunday) Boolean
13 Date of Month (Date of Month) Integer
14 Monthly Notification Date (Monthly Notification Date) Option


# Fields
0 User ID,Notification Type (User ID,Notification Type) Clustered: Yes

Table Relations To Other Tables

Field Related Table Related Field
User ID (User ID) User Setup User ID (User ID) 1..n

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