Mini Activities Cue


# Name Type
1 Primary Key (Primary Key) Code10
2 Due Date Filter (Due Date Filter) Date Editable: No
3 Overdue Date Filter (Overdue Date Filter) Date FlowFilter
4 Ongoing Sales Invoices (Ongoing Sales Invoices) Integer FlowField
5 Ongoing Purchase Invoices (Ongoing Purchase Invoices) Integer FlowField
6 Sales This Month (Sales This Month) Decimal (0:0)
7 Top 10 Customer Sales YTD (Top 10 Customer Sales YTD) Decimal
8 Overdue Purch. Invoice Amount (Overdue Purch. Invoice Amount) Decimal (0:0)
9 Overdue Sales Invoice Amount (Overdue Sales Invoice Amount) Decimal (0:0)
10 Average Collection Days (Average Collection Days) Decimal (1:1)
11 Ongoing Sales Quotes (Ongoing Sales Quotes) Integer FlowField
12 Requests to Approve (Requests to Approve) Integer FlowField
13 Sales Inv. - Pending Doc.Exch. (Sales Inv. - Pending Doc.Exch.) Integer Editable: No
14 Sales CrM. - Pending Doc.Exch. (Sales CrM. - Pending Doc.Exch.) Integer Editable: No
15 User ID Filter (User ID Filter) Code50 FlowFilter
20 My Incoming Documents (My Incoming Documents) Integer FlowField


# Fields
0 Primary Key (Primary Key) Clustered: Yes

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