Manufacturing Cue


# Name Type
1 Primary Key (Primary Key) Code10
2 Planned Prod. Orders - All (Planned Prod. Orders - All) Integer FlowField
3 Firm Plan. Prod. Orders - All (Firm Plan. Prod. Orders - All) Integer FlowField
4 Released Prod. Orders - All (Released Prod. Orders - All) Integer FlowField
5 Prod. BOMs under Development (Prod. BOMs under Development) Integer FlowField
6 Routings under Development (Routings under Development) Integer FlowField
7 Purchase Orders (Purchase Orders) Integer FlowField
8 Prod. Orders Routings-in Queue (Prod. Orders Routings-in Queue) Integer FlowField
9 Prod. Orders Routings-in Prog. (Prod. Orders Routings-in Prog.) Integer FlowField
10 Invt. Picks to Production (Invt. Picks to Production) Integer FlowField
11 Invt. Put-aways from Prod. (Invt. Put-aways from Prod.) Integer FlowField
12 Rlsd. Prod. Orders Until Today (Rlsd. Prod. Orders Until Today) Integer FlowField
20 Date Filter (Date Filter) Date Editable: No
21 User ID Filter (User ID Filter) Code50 FlowFilter


# Fields
0 Primary Key (Primary Key) Clustered: Yes

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