Inventory Setup


# Name Type
1 Primary Key Code10
2 Automatic Cost Posting Boolean
3 Location Mandatory Boolean
4 Item Nos. Code10
30 Automatic Cost Adjustment Option
40 Prevent Negative Inventory Boolean
5700 Transfer Order Nos. Code10
5701 Posted Transfer Shpt. Nos. Code10
5702 Posted Transfer Rcpt. Nos. Code10
5703 Copy Comments Order to Shpt. Boolean
5704 Copy Comments Order to Rcpt. Boolean
5718 Nonstock Item Nos. Code10
5790 Outbound Whse. Handling Time DateFormula
5791 Inbound Whse. Handling Time DateFormula
5800 Expected Cost Posting to G/L Boolean
5804 Average Cost Calc. Type Option NotBlank: Yes
5805 Average Cost Period Option NotBlank: Yes
7101 Item Group Dimension Code Code20
7300 Inventory Put-away Nos. Code10
7301 Inventory Pick Nos. Code10
7302 Posted Invt. Put-away Nos. Code10
7303 Posted Invt. Pick Nos. Code10
7304 Inventory Movement Nos. Code10
7305 Registered Invt. Movement Nos. Code10
7306 Internal Movement Nos. Code10


# Fields
0 Primary Key Clustered: Yes

Table Relations To Other Tables

Field Related Table Related Field
Item Group Dimension Code Dimension Code 1..n
Internal Movement Nos. No. Series Code 1..n

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