G/L Budget Entry

DynamicsDocs.comG/L Budget Entry«Table 96»G/L Budget EntryEntry No. [PK]Budget NameG/L Account No.DateGlobal Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeAmountDescriptionBusiness Unit CodeUser IDBudget Dimension 1 CodeBudget Dimension 2 CodeBudget Dimension 3 CodeBudget Dimension 4 CodeLast Date ModifiedDimension Set ID«Table 1111»Cost Budget RegisterNo. [PK]Source; [Transfer from G/L Budget,Cost...DescriptionFrom Budget Entry No.To Budget Entry No.From Cost Budget Entry No.To Cost Budget Entry No.No. of EntriesAmountProcessed DatePosting DateClosedLevelUser IDJournal Batch NameCost Budget Name«Table 95»G/L Budget NameName [PK,NN]DescriptionBlockedBudget Dimension 1 CodeBudget Dimension 2 CodeBudget Dimension 3 CodeBudget Dimension 4 Code«Table 15»G/L AccountNo. [PK,NN]NameSearch NameAccount Type; [Posting,Heading,Total,B...Global Dimension 1 CodeGlobal Dimension 2 CodeIncome/Balance; [Income Statement,Bala...Debit/Credit; [Both,Debit,Credit]No. 2CommentBlockedDirect PostingReconciliation AccountNew PageNo. of Blank LinesIndentationLast Date ModifiedDate FilterGlobal Dimension 1 FilterGlobal Dimension 2 FilterBalance at DateNet ChangeBudgeted AmountTotalingBudget FilterBalanceBudget at DateConsol. Translation Method; [Average R...Consol. Debit Acc.Consol. Credit Acc.Business Unit Filter...«Table 349»Dimension ValueDimension Code [PK,NN]Code [PK,NN]NameDimension Value Type; [Standard,Headin...TotalingBlockedConsolidation CodeIndentationGlobal Dimension No.Map-to IC Dimension CodeMap-to IC Dimension Value CodeDimension Value ID«Table 220»Business UnitCode [PK,NN]ConsolidateConsolidation %Starting DateEnding DateIncome Currency FactorBalance Currency FactorExch. Rate Losses Acc.Exch. Rate Gains Acc.Residual AccountLast Balance Currency FactorNameCompany NameCurrency CodeComp. Exch. Rate Gains Acc.Comp. Exch. Rate Losses Acc.Equity Exch. Rate Gains Acc.Equity Exch. Rate Losses Acc.Minority Exch. Rate Gains Acc.Minority Exch. Rate Losses AccCurrency Exchange Rate Table; [Local,B...Data Source; [Local Curr. <LCY>,Add. R...File Format; [Version 4.00 or Later <....«Table 2000000120»UserUser Security ID [PK]User NameFull NameState; [Enabled,Disabled]Expiry DateWindows Security IDChange PasswordLicense Type; [Full User,Limited User,...Authentication EmailContact Email«Table 480»Dimension Set EntryDimension Set ID [PK]Dimension Code [PK,NN]Dimension Value Code [NN]Dimension Value IDDimension NameDimension Value Name<Budget Name><G/L Account No.><Global Dimension 1 Code><Global Dimension 2 Code><Business Unit Code><User ID><Dimension Set ID><From Budget Entry No.><To Budget Entry No.><User ID><Budget Filter><Global Dimension 1 Code><Global Dimension 2 Code><Global Dimension 1 Filter><Global Dimension 2 Filter><Business Unit Filter><Exch. Rate Losses Acc.><Exch. Rate Gains Acc.><Residual Account><Comp. Exch. Rate Gains Acc.><Comp. Exch. Rate Losses Acc.><Equity Exch. Rate Gains Acc.><Equity Exch. Rate Losses Acc.><Minority Exch. Rate Gains Acc.><Minority Exch. Rate Losses Acc><Dimension Value Code>

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# Name Type
1 Entry No. Integer
2 Budget Name Code10
3 G/L Account No. Code20
4 Date Date [ClosingDates:Yes]
5 Global Dimension 1 Code Code20
6 Global Dimension 2 Code Code20
7 Amount Decimal
9 Description Text50
10 Business Unit Code Code20
11 User ID Code50 Editable: No
12 Budget Dimension 1 Code Code20
13 Budget Dimension 2 Code Code20
14 Budget Dimension 3 Code Code20
15 Budget Dimension 4 Code Code20
16 Last Date Modified Date Editable: No
480 Dimension Set ID Integer Editable: No


# Fields
0 Entry No. Clustered: Yes
1 Budget Name,G/L Account No.,Date
2 Budget Name,G/L Account No.,Business Unit Code,Global Dimension 1 Code,Global Dimension 2 Code,Budget Dimension 1 Code,Budget Dimension 2 Code,Budget Dimension 3 Code,Budget Dimension 4 Code,Date
3 Budget Name,G/L Account No.,Description,Date
4 G/L Account No.,Date,Budget Name,Dimension Set ID
5 Last Date Modified,Budget Name

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Global Dimension 2 Code Dimension Value Code 1..n
G/L Account No. G/L Account No. 1..n
Budget Name G/L Budget Name Name 1..n
User ID User User Name 1..n

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