Deferral Header Archive


# Name Type
1 Deferral Doc. Type Option
4 Document Type Integer
5 Document No. Code20
6 Line No. Integer
7 Deferral Code Code10 NotBlank: Yes
8 Amount to Defer Decimal
9 Amount to Defer (LCY) Decimal
10 Calc. Method Option
11 Start Date Date
12 No. of Periods Integer NotBlank: Yes
BlankZero: Yes
13 Schedule Description Text50
14 Initial Amount to Defer Decimal
15 Currency Code Code10
5047 Version No. Integer
5048 Doc. No. Occurrence Integer


# Fields
0 Deferral Doc. Type,Document Type,Document No.,Doc. No. Occurrence,Version No.,Line No. Clustered: Yes

Table Relations To Other Tables

Field Related Table Related Field
Currency Code Currency Code 1..n

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Deferral Line Archive Line No. 1..n