Cost Share Buffer


# Name Type
1 Item Ledger Entry No. (Item Ledger Entry No.) Integer
2 Capacity Ledger Entry No. (Capacity Ledger Entry No.) Integer
3 Item No. (Item No.) Code20
4 Location Code (Location Code) Code10
5 Variant Code (Variant Code) Code10
6 Entry Type (Entry Type) Option
7 Document No. (Document No.) Code20
10 Description (Description) Text50
20 Quantity (Quantity) Decimal
21 Direct Cost (Direct Cost) Decimal
22 Indirect Cost (Indirect Cost) Decimal
23 Revaluation (Revaluation) Decimal
24 Rounding (Rounding) Decimal
25 Variance (Variance) Decimal
26 Purchase Variance (Purchase Variance) Decimal
27 Material Variance (Material Variance) Decimal
28 Capacity Variance (Capacity Variance) Decimal
29 Capacity Overhead Variance (Capacity Overhead Variance) Decimal
30 Mfg. Overhead Variance (Mfg. Overhead Variance) Decimal
31 Subcontracted Variance (Subcontracted Variance) Decimal
32 Material (Material) Decimal
34 Capacity (Capacity) Decimal
35 Capacity Overhead (Capacity Overhead) Decimal
36 Material Overhead (Material Overhead) Decimal
37 Subcontracted (Subcontracted) Decimal
40 New Quantity (New Quantity) Decimal
41 New Direct Cost (New Direct Cost) Decimal
42 New Indirect Cost (New Indirect Cost) Decimal
43 New Revaluation (New Revaluation) Decimal
44 New Rounding (New Rounding) Decimal
45 New Variance (New Variance) Decimal
46 New Purchase Variance (New Purchase Variance) Decimal
47 New Material Variance (New Material Variance) Decimal
48 New Capacity Variance (New Capacity Variance) Decimal
49 New Capacity Overhead Variance (New Capacity Overhead Variance) Decimal
50 New Mfg. Overhead Variance (New Mfg. Overhead Variance) Decimal
51 New Subcontracted Variance (New Subcontracted Variance) Decimal
52 Share of Cost in Period (Share of Cost in Period) Decimal
54 New Material (New Material) Decimal
56 New Capacity (New Capacity) Decimal
57 New Capacity Overhead (New Capacity Overhead) Decimal
58 New Material Overhead (New Material Overhead) Decimal
59 New Subcontracted (New Subcontracted) Decimal
60 Posting Date (Posting Date) Date
90 Order Type (Order Type) Option
91 Order No. (Order No.) Code20
92 Order Line No. (Order Line No.) Integer


# Fields
0 Item Ledger Entry No.,Capacity Ledger Entry No. (Item Ledger Entry No.,Capacity Ledger Entry No.) Clustered: Yes
1 Item No.,Location Code,Variant Code,Entry Type (Item No.,Location Code,Variant Code,Entry Type)
2 Order Type,Order No.,Order Line No.,Entry Type (Order Type,Order No.,Order Line No.,Entry Type)

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