Config. Package

DynamicsDocs.comConfig. Package«Table 8623»Config. PackageCode [PK,NN]Package NameLanguage IDNo. of TablesProduct VersionExclude Config. TablesProcessing OrderNo. of RecordsNo. of Errors«Table 8613»Config. Package TablePackage Code [PK]Table ID [PK,NN]Table NameNo. of Package RecordsNo. of Package ErrorsImported Date and TimeExported Date and TimeCommentsCreated Date and TimeCompany Filter [Source Table]Table CaptionData TemplatePackage Processing OrderPage IDProcessing OrderNo. of Fields IncludedNo. of Fields AvailableNo. of Fields to ValidatePackage CaptionImported by User IDCreated by User IDDimensions as ColumnsFilteredSkip Table TriggersProcessing Report ID«Table 8614»Config. Package RecordPackage Code [PK,NN]Table ID [PK,NN]No. [PK]InvalidParent Record No.«Table 8615»Config. Package DataPackage Code [PK,NN]Table ID [PK,NN]No. [PK]Field ID [PK]ValueInvalid«Table 8616»Config. Package FieldPackage Code [PK,NN]Table ID [PK,NN]Field ID [PK,NN]Field NameField CaptionValidate FieldInclude FieldLocalize FieldRelation Table IDRelation Table CaptionDimensionPrimary KeyProcessing OrderCreate Missing CodesMapping Exists«Table 8617»Config. Package ErrorPackage Code [PK,NN]Table ID [PK,NN]Record No. [PK,NN]Field ID [PK,NN]Field NameError TextField CaptionError Type; [,TableRelation]«Table 8622»Config. LineLine No. [PK]Line Type; [Area,Group,Table]Table IDNameCompany FilterCompany Filter [Source Table]No. of RecordsNo. of Records [Source Table]Licensed TablePromoted TableDimensions as ColumnsCopying AvailablePage IDPage CaptionStarting DateEnding DateResponsible IDStatus; [,In Progress,Completed,Ignore...Vertical SortingData OriginReferenceLicensed PageNo. of Question GroupsParent Line No.Package CodePackage CaptionPackage Exists«Table 8626»Config. Package FilterPackage Code [PK]Table ID [PK]Field ID [PK]Field NameField CaptionField Filter«Table 8628»Config. Field MappingPackage Code [PK,NN]Table ID [PK,NN]Field ID [PK,NN]Field NameOld Value [PK]New Value«Table 8640»Config. Text TransformationPackage Code [PK,NN]Table ID [PK,NN]Field ID [PK]Transformation Type; [Uppercase,Lowerc...Processing Order [PK]Table NameField NameCurrent ValueNew ValueStart PositionLengthFormatLanguage IDEnabledLast Used Field ID<Package Code><Package Code><Package Code><Package Code><Package Code><Package Code><Package Code><Package Code><Package Code><No.><Record No.><Field ID><Field ID>

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# Name Type
1 Code (Code) Code20 NotBlank: Yes
2 Package Name (Package Name) Text50
4 Language ID (Language ID) Integer
5 No. of Tables (No. of Tables) Integer Editable: No
6 Product Version (Product Version) Text80
11 Exclude Config. Tables (Exclude Config. Tables) Boolean
12 Processing Order (Processing Order) Integer
13 No. of Records (No. of Records) Integer Editable: No
16 No. of Errors (No. of Errors) Integer Editable: No


# Fields
0 Code (Code) Clustered: Yes
1 Processing Order (Processing Order)

Table Relations To Other Tables

Field Related Table Related Field
Language ID (Language ID) Windows Language () 1..n

Table Relations From Other Tables

From Table From Field
Config. Field Mapping Package Code (Package Code) 1..n
Config. Line Package Code (Package Code) 1..n
Config. Package Data Package Code (Package Code) 1..n
Config. Package Error Package Code (Package Code) 1..n
Config. Package Field Package Code (Package Code) 1..n
Config. Package Filter Package Code (Package Code) 1..n
Config. Package Record Package Code (Package Code) 1..n
Config. Package Table Package Code (Package Code) 1..n
Config. Text Transformation Package Code (Package Code) 1..n