Analysis Report Chart Line

DynamicsDocs.comAnalysis Report Chart Line«Table 771»Analysis Report Chart LineUser ID [PK]Name [PK]Analysis Line Line No. [PK]Analysis Column Line No. [PK]Analysis Area; [Sales,Purchase,Invento...Analysis Line Template NameAnalysis Column Template NameOriginal Measure NameMeasure NameMeasure ValueChart Type; [,Line,StepLine,Column,Sta...«Table 770»Analysis Report Chart SetupUser ID [PK]Name [PK]Analysis Area; [Sales,Purchase,Invento...Analysis Report NameAnalysis Line Template NameAnalysis Column Template NameBase X-Axis on; [Period,Line,Column]Start DateEnd DatePeriod Length; [Day,Week,Month,Quarter...No. of PeriodsLast Viewed«Table 7114»Analysis LineAnalysis Area; [Sales,Purchase,Invento...Analysis Line Template Name [PK]Line No. [PK]Row Ref. No.DescriptionType; [Item,Item Group,Customer,Custom...RangeNew PageShow; [Yes,No,If Any Column Not Zero]BoldItalicUnderlineShow Opposite SignSource Type Filter; [,Customer,Vendor,...Date FilterItem Budget FilterLocation FilterDimension 1 FilterDimension 2 FilterDimension 3 FilterDimension 1 TotalingDimension 2 TotalingDimension 3 TotalingSource No. FilterGroup Dimension CodeIndentation«Table 7118»Analysis ColumnAnalysis Area; [Sales,Purchase,Invento...Analysis Column Template [PK]Line No. [PK]Column No.Column HeaderColumn Type; [Formula,Net Change,Balan...Ledger Entry Type; [Item Entries,Item...FormulaComparison Date FormulaShow Opposite SignShow; [Always,Never,When Positive,When...Rounding Factor; [None,1,1000,1000000]Comparison Period FormulaAnalysis Type CodeItem Ledger Entry Type FilterValue Entry Type FilterValue Type; [,Quantity,Sales Amount,Co...Invoiced<User ID><Name><Analysis Area><Analysis Line Template Name><Analysis Column Template Name><Analysis Line Line No.><Analysis Column Line No.>

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# Name Type
1 User ID Text132 Editable: No
2 Name Text30 Editable: No
3 Analysis Line Line No. Integer Editable: No
4 Analysis Column Line No. Integer Editable: No
6 Analysis Area Option Editable: No
7 Analysis Line Template Name Code10 Editable: No
8 Analysis Column Template Name Code10 Editable: No
10 Original Measure Name Text111 Editable: No
15 Measure Name Text111
20 Measure Value Text30 Editable: No
40 Chart Type Option


# Fields
0 User ID,Analysis Area,Name,Analysis Line Line No.,Analysis Column Line No. Clustered: Yes

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