Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Entity Relationship Diagrams

Jan 7, 2018


Lets start 2018 by publishing Dynamics NAV 2018 Entity-Relationship (E/R) diagrams :-)

Dynamics NAV 2018 Table Relationship Diagrams

What Comes Next?

Now that the table relationship diagrams for NAV 2016-2018 are published I would like to ask you what should I work on next.

Some of my ideas:

  • List of setup fields and document fields that are used to control posting in codeunits.
  • Where-Used functionality for table fields.
  • Site search with auto-complete for tables and field names on this site.
  • Country specific versions of the diagrams.
  • What has changed in tables from version to version.
  • Table relationship diagrams for user selected tables.
  • Exporting diagrams as image.
  • Uploading your customized database and generating diagrams that your team can access online.
  • Desktop application that can generate diagrams for your own customized database.
  • High-level process diagrams (e.g. one page overview of receiving an item in the warehouse).
  • Lower-level activity (or sequence) diagrams for codeunits (e.g. diagrams for a sales posting codeunit).

Please send me your ideas and suggestions to my email.


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